Training and education in the field of railway technology

Well-trained personnel are the basis for delivering appropriate development and design results, and for properly handling the circumstances that arise within the enterprise.

The complexity of rail systems means that technical knowledge alone is no longer sufficient. It is only through the knowledge of the processes for the production of safety-relevant reliable products, and the processes for handling these products, that they can be safely integrated into the operation of rail systems. The proof of the safety of a rail system therefore consistently requires the assessment of the regulations imposed on the operator, and confirmation by the deployed personnel that the correct scope is being applied.

You need experience trainers for your staff?

You would like to establish appropriate processes for design and development and to examine or teach Guidelines. You need to check and confirm these are being properly applied?

We can offer you teaching services and intensive training programmes for developers, designers and operating personnel. In this respect, we will make every effort to ensure your staff are appropriately qualified in line with the requirements.

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