Component manufacturers

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Certification process of components

As the deadline – 31 December 2014 – for submission of mandatory plant certificates (mandatory certification according to BDEW MSRL), with internal combustion engines and cogeneration plants) is coming ever closer, we would like to draw your attention to our certification services for generation units, components and plants.

Please note that valid unit certificates must be available prior to plant certification, which means that a unit certificate must be available at the latest in Autumn 2014 if the deadline for plants larger than 1 MVA is to be met.

Profit from a wide range of services

TÜV NORD CERT offers the following services for units and components to unit manufacturers at home and abroad:

  • Certification of generation units (cogeneration units, internal combustion engines, photovoltaic inverters, wind turbines)
  • Certification of components for generation units and generation plants
  • Calculation and measurement of generation units and/or components based on a network simulator (synthetic network) or an LVRT container
  • Prototype verification for wind turbines
  • Testing and assessment based on harmonised standards for the CE mark according to EC Directives
  • Analysis of foreign network connection regulations (Grid Codes)
  • Assessment of the safety integrity level of protective equipment
  • Determination of the efficiency of, for example, inverters or non-interruptible power supplies
  • Lifetime analysis through determination of the failure probabilities and failure rates Certification of possible participation in reserve supply through the black-start capability of, for example, cogeneration plants
  • In particular for cogeneration plants: BAFA approval (certified values)
  • Testing of smart meters (product certification)

Certification for manufacturers of components, for example protective equipment or “park” regulators

The project steps in component certification are similar to those in unit certification, but only relate to the functions to be tested, such as for example:

  • Protective functions
  • Switch-in functions
  • “Park” regulation for generation units
  • Regulation functions for generation units