Network operators

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Network connection the easy way

One of the core responsibilities of distribution network operators is to provide security of supply so as to avoid downtimes in the power network. In order to enable the operator to assume this responsibility for the system, he needs exact information about the behaviour of decentralised producers (e.g. photovoltaic installations) when changes of the network parameters (voltage or frequency) occur. Furthermore, it needs to be clear which maximum capacities are fed in and whether a plant disturbs the network operation.

That means: The relevant values have to be measured and regulation and control behaviour must be demonstrated. This requires both unit (type certifications) and plant certifications (project certifica-tions).

Based on its performance of a large number of unit certifications and plant certifications, TÜV NORD CERT is a competent partner for network operators, offering various services related to the network connection of renewable energy or cogeneration plants:

  • Support and consultation in all questions related to the evaluation and certification of connections
  • Measurement of the voltage quality and harmonics analysis (assessment of sources of net-work disturbances) at network connection points
  • Protection testing in networks of generation units and transfer stations
  • Incident analysis (unauthorised shut-down of plants)