ASME Literatur

ASME Literatur

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Literatur rund um ASME − Wissen schwarz auf weiß

An dieser Stelle möchten wir Ihnen einen kleinen Überblick der fachspezifischen Standardliteratur zum ASME Code vorstellen. Die Liste erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und kann lediglich als Einstieg in den umfangreichen und komplexen Themenbereich dienen.

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The ASME Code establishes the requirements for manufacturer certification, quality assurance, design, materials, manufacturing and testing of Power Boilers, Heating Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Nuclear Components

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Companion Guide to The ASME

K.R. Rao 2009

This third edition of the Companion Guide of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes has been updated to the current (2007) Code Edition. Since the first edition, a total of 140 authors have contributed to this publication, and in this edition there are 107 contributors of which 51 are new authors. Several of the new contributors are from countries around the world that use ASME B&PV Codes, with knowledge of ASME Codes, in addition to expertise of their own countries B&PV Codes. All of these authors who contributed to this third edition considerably updated, revised or added to the content matter covered in the second edition to address the current and future trends as well as dramatic changes in the industry.
ISBN: 9780791802687

High Pressure Vessels

D.M. Fryer

1998 Keeping pace with a fast growing industry, this invaluable study presents timely information on the basic design principles of high pressure vessels. There is a pronounced interest in the use of high pressure technology in industries such as petrochemical, isostatic pressing, deep sea drilling ans simulation, deep diving submersibles, cultured crystal growth, water jet cutting, food sterilizing, supercritical extraction, and others.
ISBN: 9780412074516

Power Boilers

M.Bernstein L. Yoder 1998

This authoritative and comprehensive text on Section I of the ASME BPV Code clearly explains the ASME construction process covered by Section I. The construction of power boilers also requires the use other sections of the Code: Section II for materials, Section V for nondestructive examination, Section IX for welding, and B31.1 Power Piping for the design of much of the boiler piping.
ISBN: 9780791859674

Pressure Vessel Design Manual

D. Moos 2004

Pressure Vessel Design Manual is an accumulation of procedures, methods, techniques, formulas, and data for use in the design and construction of pressure vessels and their respective parts.
ISBN: 9780750677400

The ASME Code Simplified

R.Chuse, B. Carson

Long established as a definitive engineering guide,this class,volume has now been extensively revised and updated to provide you with simplified, easy-to-understand information on how to fabricate, purchase, test, and inspect pressure vessels.

The new edition clearly explains how meet performance goals and current ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible

An important chapter is ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Systems which sets forth global standards for quality assurance and product certification for companies who wish to compete globally.

ISBN: 9780070109391

Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels

J. Harvey 1991

The Second Edition of Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels integrates theory, material application, and fabrication techniques into one definitive source, with special attention given to ultra-high pressure vessels that improve the efficiency of industrial processes.
ISBN: 9780442232481

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