Certified Service and Repair Quality

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Customers trust certified workshops more

Many consumers find it difficult to fully trust a workshop. Unfriendly service, unnecessary repairs and excessive charges are the aspects most frequently criticised. But it does not have to be like that: TÜV NORD offers quality testing that shows customers where their car, bicycle or washing machine will be in good hands. Workshops whose service quality is second to none can demonstrate their credentials with the “Certified Service and Repair Quality” mark. 

Certification is also particularly useful for system providers who often face the challenge of having to bring workshops with different levels of service quality up to the same high standard. 

The certification, which is based on an audit, reveals the current performance level of the workshop and also provides specific information on potentials for improvement. This means that companies can be proactive when facing the more recent requirements of the repair service market (e.g. for E-bikes) and can optimise their daily operations by developing leaner and more efficient processes. By operating more efficiently, the number of repairs can be increased whilst maintaining consistently high quality. This creates additional capacity in the workshops.

Benefits of certified service and repair quality

  • The audit takes place on site and reveals the current performance level of the workshop.
  • Opportunities for improvement are revealed for the individual process steps.
  • Greater productivity and profitability based on leaner, more efficient processes.
  • Better overall quality standards and consistent quality over different locations. 

Your route to the certificate

What is the procedure for certified service and repair quality?

Your path to the certificate leads through the following stages:

1. Joint preparation

First you will receive the criteria list as a basis for the audit. Together we will then develop the technical part of the audit, concerning the repair aspect of your technical service quality.

2. Audit phase

The service and repair quality is assessed by means of process-orientated document reviews, an on-site audit, sampling of repair work and a customer survey. Workshop owners, team leaders and mechanics are interviewed during the audit. Relevant aspects include the training and qualification level of the employees, the available technical equipment, operational organisation, complaint management and also communication and documentation.

The quality of the repairs is also investigated by means of mystery tests. For these tests, vehicles with purposely built-in faults are brought into the workshop by mystery customers. The results are considered when the vehicle is collected.

In addition to the audit as such, the certification is based on a meaningful customer survey.  The survey must not be more than one year old and must have been carried out by an independent institution. If no such customer survey is available, TÜV NORD can carry it out for you (online, by telephone or by post). The scope of the survey depends on your customer structure and the number of customers, and the survey themes are agreed with you beforehand. However, it is always guaranteed that our customer surveys contain meaningful results in areas such as “Recommendation to others” and “Willingness to use again” (customer loyalty).

3. Management Summary

Following the audit phase, a management summary is created which brings together the results of the audit. This is used as a basis for the decision regarding grant of certification.

4. Issue of certificate

Then follows the issue of the certificate and permission to use the Certified Service and Repair Quality mark.

5. Marketing and annual surveillance

We support you with your marketing campaigns and undertake publicity work together with you. Annual surveillance audits are carried out in order to maintain the high level of service quality in your organisation and develop it further; customer surveys are carried out every two years.

Certification with TÜV NORD

As an internationally recognised and reliable testing and certification service provider, TÜV NORD will support you in the introduction or optimisation of an efficient service and repair management system. We offer the necessary technical expertise in the area of service and repair quality and we also have many years of experience in the specific area of service certification. 

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