"The oases in the service wasteland"

Anyone who builds an oasis in the much talked about "service wasteland" will clearly have an advantage over the competition. Companies whose quality of service leaves nothing to be desired can now confirm this with the quality symbol "TÜV-tested service quality" and make a statement to the outside world which will help them stand out in the market.

The test is especially well suited for companies in the service providing industry and all companies with service-intensive activities such as travel agencies, insurance companies, banks, car dealers, call centres, etc.

Effective marketing and efficient optimisations

The service quality certification is based on a cross-industry criteria catalogue. Starting with the general definition of service quality, a company's service is made measurable using the criteria defined in this catalogue. The criteria catalogue is thus the measuring staff for optimised service performance and, in addition to the minimum requirements for successful certification, provides for the discovery of existing areas of potential optimisation.

After successful certification, the quality symbol can be optimally used for marketing purposes.

A certificate in four phases

  1. Joint preparation:

    You will receive the criteria catalogue from us as a basis for testing and we will jointly create a schedule for the progress of the certification project.

  2. Inspection phase:

    The "service quality" is evaluated by process-oriented document checks, an on-site audit, and a customer questionnaire. The document check can be part of the on-site audit. The on-site audit follows the top-down principle, i.e. the topic of service is examined from various hierarchy levels and the corresponding perspectives. (The basis for testing is the TN CERT standard service quality).

    Optionally, we recommend including mystery analyses (test purchases) in the test procedures. Our expertise is at your disposal for this too!

  3. Decision phase:

    Phase 3 includes the creation of the Management Summary, which is a summary of the test results and the decision resulting from them about the awarding of a certificate and quality symbol.

  4. Marketing and annual inspection

    We will support you in your marketing actions and joint public relations efforts. To maintain the high level that is achieved and to develop it further, annual monitoring audits are performed. Customer questionnaires are repeated every two years. The certificate is valid indefinitely with annual testing.

We are looking forward to your inquiry