Certified Service Quality

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A service oasis in the desert

In today's highly competitive market it is difficult to stand out from the crowd based on product and price alone. This means that excellent service is becoming ever more important: consumers prefer to go where they receive the best-possible advice and support. Certified service quality offers the necessary transparency. Organisations who can display the service quality test mark signal that they offer an excellent level of service quality. 

Certification is based on a criteria list which applies for all sectors and all organisations. The criteria make it possible to measure service performance objectively based on a general definition of service quality, and provide an essential yardstick when it comes to improvement. 

Benefits of certified service quality

  • Support in the introduction of a service management system
  • More efficient controlling of your service management
  • The findings of our audit offer signposts for strategic decision-making
  • New ideas for improving your service performance
  • The “TÜV-Tested Service Quality” test mark has considerable impact, for example in marketing campaigns
  • Better market position (against the competition)
  • It is easier to acquire new customers, whilst retaining existing customer loyalty

Answers to important questions about service certification

What organisations can be certified under the scheme?

The certification is directed towards organisations within the service sector, in particular companies where service quality is a very obvious component, such as travel agencies, insurance companies, banks, car dealerships or call centres.

What are the prerequisites for certification?

The following requirements must be fulfilled if you wish to gain certification for your service quality:

  • Your organisation must be able to demonstrate the necessary service strategies at top management level, along with corresponding planning and dedicated capacities and resources. A good service culture is also extremely important.
  • In the actual operative area, the qualification of the employees is important. The same applies for the infrastructure framework needed in order to implement the service strategy.
  • And finally there is the question of professional handling of complaints. How good is the complaint management within the organisation? How are customers treated?
What criteria are analysed / certified?

The content of the audit is based on a criteria list which applies across different sectors. The criteria which are vital for high service quality include competence, politeness, credibility, safety, ease of contact, communication style, good understanding and reliability.

What is the procedure for certification?

1. Joint preparation

First you will receive the criteria list from us as a basis for the audit. Together we will then develop a schedule for the certification project.

2. Audit phase

The service quality is assessed by means of process-orientated document reviews, an on-site audit, random sample inspections of your facilities and a customer survey. The document review can be included in the on-site audit, which follows the top down principle. This means that the subject of service is considered at various levels of the hierarchy, viewed from their different perspectives. As an option, we recommend inclusion of mystery analyses, in other words mystery shoppers, into the audit procedure. Here too, you can take advantage of our know-how. 

3. Management Summary

Following the audit phase, a management summary is created which brings together the results of the audit. This is used as a basis for the decision regarding grant of certification.

4. Issue of certificate

Then follows the issue of the certificate and permission to use the “TÜV-Tested Service Quality” mark.

5. Marketing and annual surveillance

We support you with your marketing initiatives and undertake publicity work together with you. Annual surveillance audits are carried out in order to maintain the high level of service quality in your organisation and develop it further; customer surveys are carried out every two years.

Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is an internationally recognised and reliable partner for testing, inspection and certification services. We offer an extremely high level of competence based on our long years of cross-sector auditing experience, and we guarantee independence and neutrality within the certification procedure. Our experts and auditors support the development of your company, providing continuity and objective feedback at all times. 

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