Aerospace: Certification according to the EN 9100 series

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Quality management for safety in the air and in space

Assured safety and quality are an absolutely fundamental requirement in the aerospace industry, as even small defects can have extreme consequences.

Certification according to a standard of the 9100 series is therefore an essential prerequisite in order to gain acceptance as a supplier in this sector. In particular, it is a requirement for acceptance by aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier and their first-tier – i.e. direct – suppliers. The certification covers all German and international quality and safety requirements in the aerospace industry. It actively improves the reliability and quality capability of every certified organisation in the interest of customers all over the world. The process and product quality achieved by a systematic approach based on the standard also encourages the confidence and trust of your customers.

More information on the EN 9100 series

What is the EN 9100 series?

The 9100 series stands for a comprehensive quality management system for manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry. It is based on the well-recognised ISO 9001 standard, augmented with requirements specific to the aerospace industry, for example with regard to operative risk management and document and evidence management. This means that organisations can be certified to a standard of the 9100 series and ISO 9001 at the same time. The standards of the 9100 series correspond from a technical point of view to the standard series AS 9100 (USA) and JISQ 9100 (Japan) and can be considered as of absolutely equal value to these.

Which standards are included in the EN 9100 series?

Based on DIN EN ISO 9001, there are three standards for certification of the following aspects:  

1) EN 9100 for design, development, production, assembly and maintenance

2) EN 9110 for maintenance organisations

3) EN 9120 for aviation, space and defence distributors

What is the main focus of the standard?

Alongside the basic requirements for a quality management system, the 9100 series focusses on the following:

  • Process approach and assessment of the processes using performance indicators
  • Project management, including customer-specific requirements for processes and products
  • Risk management based on analysis and assessment, for example for the introduction of new technologies
  • Greater safety over the entire service life of the product
  • Traceability of all raw materials, general materials, processes, tools and also qualification of the personnel in accordance with customer requirements
  • Definition of safety and function: to agree with the requirements of customers and public authorities
Who should aim for certification?

In principle, all organisations in the supply chain of the aerospace industry, from the supplier of individual parts through engineering companies up to engine, component and finished product manufacturers. For suppliers of most of the well-known manufacturers of finished components or products (Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs), certification is in fact a must when establishing and maintaining business relationships: in order to gain registration in the international  “Online Aerospace Supplier Information System” (OASIS database) of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), certification is mandatory.

Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD CERT is a certification company which is known and accredited throughout the world.  With our many years of experience and our competent auditors, we can support your organisation in achieving successful certification to the standards of the 9100 series. A TÜV NORD CERT certificate according to the 9100 series testifies in the competitive enviroment to the conformity of your organisation with the globally accepted quality management standards of the aerospace industry and is recognised all over the world.   

Our audits are only performed by auditors experienced in the aerospace industry who have also been trained and tested within a training system recognised by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG).

They support and promote your process of continuous improvement, and together with the professional project management from TÜV NORD CERT, they are your competent partner for a management system which complies with the requirements of the aerospace industry.

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