Aviation and Aerospace: EN/AS 9100ff

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In the area of aviation and aerospace in particular, ensuring safety and quality is an essential requirement for all parts of the industry – as even the most minor faults can have serious consequences.

For all companies within the aviation and aerospace sector, from manufacturing through delivery up to maintenance and repair, certification to the relevant 9100 series of standards covers all the set quality and safety requirements both at home and abroad. It actively increases the reliability and quality capability of every certified organisation – to the benefit of customers all over the world.

The 9100 series is based on the well-known standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and augments it with further sector-specific requirements, for example in relation to operative risk management and control of documents and evidence. This means that companies are simultaneously certified according to a 9100 series standard and to ISO 9001.

A certificate for the internationally-recognised 9100 series is of absolutely equal value to a certificate for AS 9100 or JISQ 9100.

Update of the EN 9100 series

As the standards of the 9100 series are mostly based on ISO 9001, which was already updated in 2015, these standards have also been subject to an update. The most important new features contained in the 2018 updated version are as follows:

  • Introduction of a High Level Structure which creates greater uniformity
  • Changes in terminology: sector-specific requirements are newly defined
  • Increased flexibility as regards documentation
  • Greater focus on product safety and measures against counterfeit parts
  • Systematic consideration of risks: concept of risk-based thinking
  • Introduction of knowledge management (organizational knowledge)

The transition phase for changeover to the updated standards of the 9100 series ends on 14 September 2018. After this, all certificates based on the previous version automatically lose their validity. Since 15 June 2017, audits according to the previous version have no longer been possible.

Main focus of the standard

In addition to basic requirements for a quality management system, the main focus of the 9100 series is on the following areas:

  • Process orientation and evaluation of the processes by means of key indicators
  • Project management, including customer-specific requirements for processes and products
  • Risk management based on analysis and evaluation: e.g. when using new technologies
  • Configuration management system for the entire lifetime of a product
  • Traceability with regard to all natural resources, materials, procedures and tools that are used as well as the qualification of the relevant personnel, corresponding to customer requirements
  • Definition of safety, security and function: for fulfilment of the requirements of customers and public authorities

Why certification according to the 9100 series of standards?

Certification according to one of the standards of the 9100 series is considered an essential prerequisite in order to gain approval as a supplier within the sector. In particular, aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, BOEING and Bombardier and their first tier suppliers, in other words the companies who supply directly to them, require relevant certification. In addition, only certified suppliers can be registered in the international OASIS database of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). Generally speaking, the International Standard ensures worldwide comparability for companies and therefore strengthens the trust and confidence of customers and business partners.

Successful introduction of a QM system according to the rules of the 9100 series therefore represents a benefit in the sense of worldwide acceptance of your system. It is always proof of the high maturity level of your quality management compared with the basic requirements of ISO 9001.

Using quality to raise your profile

We support your organisation in achieving successful certification based on the rules of the 9100 series of standards. Our audits are only carried out by approved auditors who are able to demonstrate the necessary qualifications and have appropriate professional experience in the aviation and/or aerospace industry. In order to gain approval, the auditors also undergo training and testing on implementation of the requirements of the standard, within a dedicated training course system. This system is approved by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) and the aviation industry.

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