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Heating with a green conscience


Rising numbers of consumers want to make their contribution to environmental and climate protection when it comes to their energy consumption. This has long been possible with green electricity, and now there is also green heat: Through corresponding certification and the associated test mark, TÜV NORD CERT offers local and district heating suppliers – and in particular municipal utilities – the ability to communicate their responsibility in terms of resource conservation, and to open up new customer groups.

Conventional heat permitted on the network

Certification from TÜV NORD CERT confirms that the heat being fed into a district or local heat network has been generated in an environmentally friendly manner from renewable energies. To this end, the heat balances of the provider are audited under TÜV NORD Climate Change Standard TN-CC 011. Exact accounting for energy input and output ensures that the quantity of heat fed into the network from renewable energies at least matches the quantity of heat sold from conventional generation, where the relevant network also contains conventionally generated heat in addition to green heat.

Making optimal use of market opportunities


As with green electricity, green heat offers enormous potential for reducing greenhouse gases; this opens up large market opportunities for correspondingly marked products. With TÜV NORD CERT, the only body to certify green heat, suppliers of heat can utilise these opportunities to generate economic advantages. The expansion of the product portfolio can be successfully communicated by means of the TÜV test mark.

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