The sign of child-friendliness

The German Association for the Protection of Children - Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (DSKB) and TÜV NORD CERT award the “OK for Kids” seal of quality to organizations whose products and services are truly child-friendly, and shows at a glance that children are welcome and that their needs are taken seriously. The “OK for Kids” certification mark offers children and their parents the certainty that the services and products they are using are suitable and good for children and also offers a trustworthy basis for purchasing and booking decisions.

The certification confirms that the certificate holder is making a contribution to greater child-friendliness in society as a whole and also enhances the image of the organization and creates trust. Certified organisations can make use of the “OK for Kids” quality mark as an argument for their products and services as their quality has been attested and verified by a neutral organisation. Opportunities for further improvement of products and services are also identified during the certification procedure.

Providers of holidays for children and young people

Parents want to achieve the best possible experience for their children when they go on holiday alone. This is why TÜV NORD CERT, in cooperation with the German Association for the Protection of Children (DKSB) has developed criteria for holidays aimed at children and young people. Alongside hotels and adventure parks, holiday providers can also apply for certification. A great many different viewpoints contribute to the development of the criteria. Besides children themselves, parents are asked in special workshops what is important to them when it comes to children’s holidays. The most important thing for parents is to know that their children are in safe hands. These concerns have been fully addressed by TÜV NORD CERT and the DKSB in the development of the certification criteria. This means that certified holiday providers can only make use of trained staff who respect children’s rights to the fullest extent. Regular unannounced inspections ensure that the appropriate duty of care is exercised at all times.

Hotels and restaurants

In cooperation with the German Association for the Protection of Children (DSKB), TÜV NORD CERT has developed inspection criteria with regard to child-friendliness in hotels, holiday homes, guest houses and other facilities. This means that an independent seal of quality is available to identify child-friendly services and products ... for “If the seal of child-friendliness is outside, you will find child-friendliness inside!” As a result, “child friendliness” becomes firmly anchored in the organisation as a factor that will enhance image, reputation and success. This creates positive conditions for young people and their families and promotes a child- and family-friendly environment within society as a whole. (§1 SGB VIII/Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz – German Child and Youth Welfare Act).

Adventure and leisure parks

Up to now it has always been a problem that parents never knew exactly what to expect when they visited an adventure park for the first time. The “OK for Kids” seal of quality provides parents with a guide when it comes to child-friendly leisure activities. The German Association for the Protection of Children (DKSB) defines the standard for the DKSB criteria. It develops the criteria together with the “real experts” – in other words, with the children themselves. The DSKB criteria and the assessment procedure which is used for the TÜV Service Check were developed in cooperation with TÜV NORD. The two organisations worked on developing strict criteria for a whole year and covered a wide spectrum: from special children’s menus up to games and equipment especially designed for children.

Transparent criteria

The assessment criteria are developed and specified by the German Association for the Protection of Children. And what is really special: children and their parents are directly involved in the development of these criteria – and they can be viewed by third parties and are continually updated. The task of TÜV NORD CERT is to establish a corresponding assessment procedure and perform on-site assessment of the facilities, followed by certification. The certificates are generally valid for three years, and in order to ensure that certified organizations always fulfil the quality criteria of the DKSB, TÜV NORD CERT performs an on-site audit every year. In the case of hotel, restaurant and other chains, individual sites are inspected based on a sampling procedure.

The German Association for the Protection of Children offers an advisory service based on the principle of impartiality for organizations who wish for support in designing their services and products in order to be more child-friendly. Working with the organization seeking certification, goals are set as to how child-friendliness can best be achieved.

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