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Certified as child friendly: “OK for Kids”

Children and young people are not only our future – they are also customers in their own right with their own specific requirements. And their parents are also justifiably concerned about their well-being, including – or even more so – when on holiday. There are many holidays on offer for children and young people, including hotels, restaurants and adventure parks, but which are really child and family-friendly?

An independent certificate testifying to the quality of facilities and the well-being of children not only serves as a guide, but can also be a decisive factor when it comes to the actual booking. The child protection organisation Kinderschutzbund LV NRW e.V. in cooperation with TÜV NORD awards the “OK for Kids” quality seal to child-friendly hospitality organisations, their products and services. The “OK for Kids” mark shows at a glance where children are welcome and their needs are taken seriously.

Benefits of “OK for Kids” certification

  • You demonstrate that you welcome children and understand their needs and that you take them seriously.
  • You show that you put child-friendliness into practice every day ... without empty promises. This generates customer trust and confidence.
  • The risk of accidents is reduced as you will receive ongoing suggestions for improvement as a result of your certification.
  • You can make your own personal contribution to society by promoting child friendliness in Europe.
  • Your organisation will be more attractive to (future) employees, who nowadays are very concerned about the social commitment of their employer.
  • You can enhance your image and stand out from the competition.

Transparent criteria developed in cooperation with parents and children

The criteria are developed and specified by the child protection organisation Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Landesverband NRW e.V. Children and their parents are directly involved in developing these criteria.

We at TÜV NORD contribute our expertise by establishing a suitable assessment process and performing the on-site audit and the certification. Every year we conduct further audits in order to ensure that the quality criteria of the DKSB LV NRW e.V. are fulfilled. In the case of hotel and other chains, we carry out sample checks of individual locations.

Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is an internationally recognised and reliable partner for testing, inspection and certification services, assessing fulfilment of legal regulations and voluntary standards all over the world. All our auditors are experts who come from many different sectors of industry and commerce; they are highly trained and competent and use standardised and objective methods which guarantee neutrality and consistent support for our clients.

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