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Wood that is produced in PEFC-certified forests should make its way to the customer with the PEFC mark: The consumers include panel plants, pulp plants, paper plants, printers and publishers. Therefore the harvesting, trading and processing chain and retail trade must be certified in order to ensure the raw wood materials are PEFC in origin: PEFC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) or a product chain certification.

High standards are now placed on the players in the forestry sector. Forestry service companies that are engaged in the harvesting of wood, the delivery of this valuable raw material, forest restoration services and forest management can be certified as per an RAL standard of the "Quality control association of forestry and land conservation e.V.". The legal requirements of the business, technical standards, accident prevention regulations and the quality of work are currently evaluated in 3 test areas. The RAL certificate is a prerequisite in some Federal states for participating in calls for tenders in the state forest and serves as credible proof of the quality of work.

Which services do we offer?

  • Certification of regions for sustainable forest management as per the PEFC standard
  • Certification of wood processing and wood-working plants as per the PEFC Chain of Custody (product chain)
  • Certification as per the criteria of the RAL quality control association for forestry and land conservation e.V. 

At the European conference of ministers in Helsinki and subsequent conferences for protecting Europe's forests, the following criteria were decided upon for use on the national level.


  • Preservation and adequate improvement of the forest's resources and their contribution to global carbon cycles
  • Preservation of the health and vitality of forest eco-systems
  • Preservation and promotion of the producing function of the forests (wood and non-wood products)
  • Preservation, protection and adequate improvement of the bio-diversity in forest eco-systems
  • Preservation and adequate improvement of the protective function of forest management (primarily soil and water)
  • Preservation of other socio-economic functions and conditions 

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