EMC Laboratory Hamburg

Our EMC test laboratory in Hamburg

In our well-equipped laboratory in Hamburg, we offer you all relevant EMC measurements. The laboratory constantly adapts its services to technical progress and all innovations in EMC standardization. We measure in shielded measuring cabins as well as in various absorber halls and in an unshielded laboratory area. In addition to the measurements in our EMC laboratory, we also carry out on-site tests.  We have a well-equipped EMC measuring vehicle, so that various tests accompanying development and conformity tests on site are no problem. 

Equipment of our EMC laboratory in Hamburg

Shielded measuring cabins

  • Large cabin: Available space: 4 m x 5 m x 2.50 m
  • Small cabin: Available space: 3 m x 4 m x 2.50 m

Large absorber hall

  • Interference emission measurements up to 10 m measuring distance in the frequency range up to 18 GHz
  • Available space: length: 15 m, width: 8 m, height: 6.5 m
  • Hall door: 3 m x 3 m
  • Floor load capacity (incl. turntable): 3 t to 10 t

Unshielded laboratory area

approx. 100 m2 area with measuring equipment for

  • Grid simulations
  • Preliminary tests and
  • Comparative tests etc.

Small absorber hall

  • Interference emission measurements at 1 m measuring distance
  • Immunity tests up to 6 GHz

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Questionnaire EMC Test Laboratory Hamburg

Questionnaire EMC Test Laboratory Hamburg

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Selection of accreditation areas

  • All subject-specific basic standards (Generic Standards)
  • All essential basic standards (Basic Standards)
  • Devices for domestic use and similar purposes
  • Electrical system technology for home and buildings
  • Audio, video and audiovisual equipment  
  • Variable speed electrical drives  
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Alarm systems
  • Industrial, scientific, medical high-frequency equipment (ISM equipment)
  • Electrical equipment for control technology and laboratory use
  • Electrical lighting equipment  
  • Information technology equipment
  • Medical electrical equipment  
  • Metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments 
  • Railway applications
  • Industrial trucks
  • Navigational and radio communication equipment for maritime navigation
  • Code of Federal Regulations, Telecommunication (FCC Requirements)

How to get to us

Abteilung EMV Services 
Harburger Schloss-Straße 6-12 
21079 Hamburg

Visitor parking and delivery:
Karnapp 11, 21079 Hamburg

The EMC laboratory is located in the Hamburg-Harburg district south of the Elbe River at the channel hamburg technology site in the TUTECH building.

Detailed directions

Our service hours:

Monday 8am to 6pm
Tuesday 8am to 6pm
Wednesday 8am to 6pm
Thursday 8am to 6pm
Friday 8am to 6pm

Schlossstraße 6-12, 21079 Hamburg


TÜV NORD EMC Laboratory Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 76629-3422