SCP certification – Safety Certificate Personnel Leasing

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SCP Certificate: Greater safety for your personnel

Agency employees often work at different sites, and of course they cannot immediately know the processes and buildings of each new site. If they do not know about possible risks and hazards, it can lead to downtimes or even considerable damage to people, assets or the environment.

SCP certification according to the SCC Standard is directed towards organisations who hire out workers to other companies in accordance with the German Law on Labour Leasing (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz). The SCP certificate confirms that agency employees are selected carefully, with an emphasis on safety, and that they are suitably qualified. This also gives clients the necessary assurance and means that  SCP-certified providers are preferred partners when it comes to hiring agency employees.

Many clients therefore select personnel agencies who operate an occupational safety, health and environmental (HSE) management system according to SCP. The basis of the certification is the specific checklist for  “Safety Certificate Personnel Service Providers (SCP)” from the SCC Standard.

What does SCP certification have to offer? Take advantage of the benefits

  • You optimise your management procedures and make your work processes more efficient.
  • Avoidance of illness and accidents among your employees.
  • Avoidance of damage to the environment and physical assets.
  • You avoid disturbances in your own operations and in those of your clients and therefore reduce the financial burden on your organisation.
  • Your promote safety awareness among your employees.
  • Your workers and managers will benefit from increased qualifications with regard to occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • The image of your organisation is enhanced.
  • You fulfil customer requirements, become more competitive on the (international) stage, and gain an entrance ticket to the market.
  • You are assured a high level of legal compliance and can provide suitable proof through demonstrable fulfilment of relevant requirements.

What are the prerequisites for SCP certification?

  • Use of the safety, health and environmental (HSE) management system for at least three months. 
  • The 29 mandatory questions and at least three of the six possible supplementary questions in the SCP checklist are answered correctly. 
  • Standardised training of your personnel and management personnel with HSE test successfully completed. 
  • Interview with an agency employee can be arranged.

The SCP checklist

The SCP checklist contains all criteria that are significant for the assessment during the audit and for the subsequent certification decision. Detailed information on the SCC Standard can be found on the website of the German Accreditation Body, DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).


What is covered by the SCP checklist?

The checklist is divided into seven sections with corresponding questions. The objectives, the minimum requirements to be fulfilled and the necessary documents, and also the personnel to be interviewed/observed during the on-site audit are assigned to each question.

1. HSE: policy, organisation and commitment of the management

2. HSE hazard assessment
3. HSE training, information and instruction
4. HSE awareness
5. HSE project support
6. Occupational physician services
7. Report, record and investigation of accidents, near-accidents and insecure situations

What is the significance of the accident rate according to SCC-UH (SCC)?

The number of accidents should be reduced over the long term. This is why the SCC Standard puts a special focus on accident statistics according to UH (SCC). Accident statistics according to the SCC Standard also have to be kept for the purposes of SCP certification. Adherence to a specific accident rate UH (SCC) is not, however, a prerequisite for SCP certification.

What is audited during the TÜV NORD certification process?

Certification according to SCC Standard involves a two-stage assessment: firstly through review of documents, and secondly through a visit to the company site. The on-site inspection and the document review ensure that your HSE management system fulfils the requirements of the standard.  

What is a performance review?

The aim of the performance review is to be able to observe your employees at work and interview them. The standard recommends auditing at the sites where the leased employee are deployed.

Which personnel should be specially qualified?

According to the SCC standard, your active employees (employees and managers) have to demonstrate that they passed an HSE test. In order to ensure a consistent standard of training, test content and criteria are specified in the HSE test questionnaire. Active employees are those who are directly involved in the provision of the services.

Can the SCP certificate be combined with other certifications?

SCC certification can be performed individually, but can also be combined with other certification procedures such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or ISO 50001. Why not speak to us about the possibilities and the benefits? We will be pleased to give you further information.

Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is recognised as a well-established and reliable provider of inspection and certification services, assessing fulfilment of legal regulations and voluntary standards all over the world. We employ experienced specialists in all our areas of activity. As a matter of principle, our auditors are trained to a very high level and use standardised methods. This means we can guarantee independence, neutrality and continuity in all our services to you.


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