Supply and Disposal

Supply and Disposal

Utility and waste management companies in Germany fulfil countless important functions which are essential for life as we know it today. Security of energy supply and also of waste management services is always a top priority. That is why such organisations, and the services they provide, are subject to a large amount of legislation and many different requirements. These are all aimed at the protection of people, the environment and also material and immaterial assets.

As in other sectors, advances in technology and changes to the working environment are now affecting utility and waste management companies. In the case of energy suppliers, renewable energy sources – along with decentralisation and expansion of the networks – are leading to major challenges. Waste management companies, for their part, have to deal with (waste) water concerns such as microparticles, nitrates and ever more complex recycling requirements. And increasing digitisation unfortunately also involves new risks, such as for example that of cyber-attacks.

Legislators have therefore established specialised and far-reaching requirements, for example in the form of the German Critical Infrastructure Regulation (KRITIS). If these are to be effectively implemented over the long term, not only qualified personnel, but also effective structures and processes are needed – and these have to be harmonised and managed. Under the headings below you will find a list of the areas where TÜV NORD CERT can help providers to handle the increasing regulatory complexity and meet their legal obligations.

Certification Overview

ISO 9001 standard for quality management of organizations
ISO 9001
The most important standard for quality management – for all sectors, all over the world.
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ISO 27001
The cross-sector standard for certified information security management systems
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End-of-life Vehicle Ordinance (AltfahrzeugV)
Inspection of recovery, re-use and recycling facilities for end-of-life vehicles.
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