Certification according to quality management standard VDA 6.1, 6.2 or 6.4

Capable processes for development and manufacture are the key to effective and efficient fulfilment of requirements within the automotive supply chain. Design and development, provision of suitable production facilities, logical process sequences – and of course production of components, subassemblies and assembly of the vehicles themselves – place high demands on the quality management systems of all the companies involved.

The VDA 6.x standards on quality management system certification were created In order to guarantee the necessary quality in the automotive sector and provide evidence that the requirements of automotive manufacturers are met.

VDA 6.1 – which can under certain circumstances provide a possible certification alternative to IATF 16949 – is directed towards vehicle component suppliers. For service providers, certification to VDA 6.2 is recommended, and VDA 6.4 is intended for suppliers of production machinery and equipment.

Revision of the standards

Following issue of the revised standard ISO 9001:2015, the VDA 6.x standards were also modified. The new VDA 6 describes the fundamental certification procedure. It took effect in January 2017 and granted companies that were already certified to the old VDA 6.x a transition period up to 14. September 2018. After this, all VDA 6.x certificates that have not been changed over lost their validity. Please also note that the new VDA 6.x certificates are no longer coupled to ISO 9001 certification but are issued independently.

The most important changes in the new VDA 6.x standards relate to simplification of the assessment methods and optimised harmonisation through use of identical terminology. There is also greater emphasis on risk management – and the requirements, including those regarding technologies to be used, are more stringent.

VDA 6.1 – QM System audit: Series production

High-level quality management systems have become much more important in view of greater international market pressure in the automotive supply industry. For many companies, certification to this standard is already essential for acceptance as an automotive supplier, with Volkswagen Group in particular recognising the VDA QM standard as an alternative to IATF 16949.

VDA 6.2 – QM System audit: Services

Defined, measurable processes and clearly defined responsibilities ensure that specified quality requirements can be systematically fulfilled.

In contrast to VDA 6.1 and IATF 16949, VDA 6.2 lays down special QM system requirements for companies which influence the quality of automotive products and services within the product lifecycle. It is an important building block for holistic modern service management and can be used by all organisations that are active in the area of automotive services.

VDA 6.4 – QM System audit: Production machinery and equipment

VDA 6.4 is intended to assess quality management systems in the area of automotive production machinery and equipment. It describes the QM system requirements for manufacture of plant, machinery, jigs and fixtures, tools and test equipment. The standard covers both customised manufacture (special machines etc.) and mass-produced items and their components, as well as combinations of these. The requirements are interpreted and applied accordingly.

The standard can be used for all companies which manufacture production machinery and equipment for the automotive industry.


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