X-ray technology

Expert X-ray examination according to Radiation Protection Ordinance / Radiation Protection Act

Are you currently planning the commissioning of new X-ray equipment in your practice or company?
Are you unsure whether you have considered all safety-relevant aspects for the operation of your X-ray equipment?
As officially appointed experts according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV), we are independently and reliably active for you throughout Germany.
Our experienced experts support you in fulfilling your operator obligations in accordance with the Radiation Protection Act (StrSchG) and offer you comprehensive services regarding the testing of your X-ray equipment in human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine as well as in industry, research and development.


Testing of X-ray equipment for the medical and industrial sector

Expert examination of X-ray equipment according to Radiation Protection Act Expert examination of X-ray equipment according to Radiation Protection Act Expert examination of X-ray equipment according to Radiation Protection Act Expert examination of X-ray equipment according to Radiation Protection Act
An expert tests an X-ray facility in accordance with the Radiation Protection Act. The equipment is tested in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Dentists, orthodontists
  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Orthopaedists, surgeons
  • Universities, schools
  • Food industry
  • Recyclables dealers
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • and many more

Our services in the field of X-ray technology / X-ray facilities

Our services in short:

  • We test your facilities in accordance with current legislation (e.g. StrSchV / StrSchG / SV-RL). Due to our decentralised structure, we are regionally and flexibly on site for you.

  • We train your staff with regard to the required expertise, support you in the training of your radiation protection officer (SSB) and conduct radiation protection briefings.

  • We offer expert support for all radiation protection-related issues.

We also support you with special questions such as the implementation of structural radiation protection for your X-ray room or the lead equivalent determination of materials for shielding radiation.

Our services in detail:

  • Radiation protection inspections of all X-ray units before commissioning, after major modifications and recurring every five years in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV).
  • Calculations for the design of structural radiation protection and advice during construction of X-ray facilities
  • Determination of the lead equivalent values of building materials
  • Courses for the acquisition and updating of specialist knowledge individually adapted to your requirements
  • Radiation protection instruction according to § 63 StrlSchV
  • Advisory activity as MPE according to § 14 StrlSchG
  • Inspection of the teleradiology pathway
  • Metrological checks on dose area product devices
  • Support in quality assurance in X-ray diagnostics as well as CDMAM checks on digital mammography systems
  • Technical support in all questions relevant to radiation protection

Radiation Protection Officer - Tasks / Requirements

The prerequisite for the appointment of a radiation protection officer is the previously acquired specialist knowledge.

In order to obtain this qualification, you must attend a course in the relevant technical qualification group. With the certificate of successful completion of the course, you then apply for the qualification at your competent supervisory authority. The supervisory authority not only checks the results of the course, but also the requirements for the professional training of the future radiation protection supervisor (SSB). Independent work with X-ray equipment is only permitted after obtaining the certificate. 

The written appointment of the radiation protection officer (SSB) by the radiation protection supervisor (SSV) can be made within a period of five years after the acquisition of the technical qualification.

Regular participation in update courses is required to maintain the professional qualification

We are happy to support you as the operator and thus the person responsible for radiation protection in the training of the radiation protection officers appointed by you.

Frequently asked questions about the expert testing of X-ray equipment

How often must X-ray equipment be tested?

Your X-ray unit must be tested when it is put into operation and when significant changes are made, such as a change in the installation site. In addition, an X-ray unit must be tested by an expert every five years.

What documents must be provided?

  • Protocol of the acceptance test or partial acceptance test
  • Report of the last expert examination
  • If applicable, protocol of the acceptance test of the diagnostic monitor (BWG)
  • If applicable, type approval certificate or CE declaration of conformity
  • Documents of the constancy test

Does an employee need to be assigned?

In order to be able to clarify any questions during the test in a timely manner, we request that a contact person is available who is familiar with the operation and use of the unit.




Can the unit still be used during the test?

A short interruption of the test, e.g. to make a patient record, is possible. A permanent use of the unit during the performance of the test by the expert is not possible.

How long does the test take?

The testing scope and thus also the testing duration depends on the type of X-ray unit to be inspected.

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