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Pipelines − TÜV NORD has the all-round solution


Sometimes you literally need a long line: When the distances between the sources of energy and the consumers, then pipelines ensure that energy is transported to its intended destination. There are numerous aspects to be considered here: The transport of raw materials must be safe, economical and environmentally compatible. TÜV NORD has the all-round solution for pipeline systems.

Our experts provide guidance across the entire lifecycle:

  • from the routing and planning,
  • to the construction and operation,
  • to the modernisation, decommissioning and dismantling.

Our services

Routing and planning

We provide support even before the construction works has commenced on a new pipeline:

  • Advice on basic materials, components, welding methods and anti-corrosion protection
  • Fluidic dimensioning
  • Assistance with the interpretation of rules systems
  • Local agency Liaison
  • Safety analyses
From construction to commissioning

By conducting continuous tests, we ensure consistently high quality, while checking that systems are established in line with regulations.

  • Compilation of the normative requirements
  • Structuring the regulatory content
  • Support in the development of the necessary control mechanisms
  • Evaluation of the existing operational organisation regarding its safety effectiveness
  • Documentation development
  • Acting as a go-between and providing ramp-up support
  • Examining the draft
  • Supervising construction and assembly
  • Acceptance inspections (pressure testing incl. pressure stress testing)
Pipeline operations

We are also there on hand to provide you with help for any questions you may have during the operations phase of your pipeline.

  • Preparation of maintenance plans and test concepts
  • Status assessment
  • Cause determination of damage events
  • Damage inspections
  • Special reports
  • Support and formal acceptance in event of pressure rises
  • Evaluation of faults and lifetime estimates (Lifetime Optimization Of Pipelines "LOOP")

Benefit from our long-standing experience in pipeline construction

  • Independence and neutrality
  • Specialized expert with long-standing experience
  • Inspection Centre with accreditation in accordance with DIN [...], e.g. for high-pressure gas lines in accordance with "GasHLVO"
  • In-depth experience in construction and assembly monitoring
  • Survey services in accordance with: the regulations GasHLVO, DVGW, GPSG, WHG/ VAWS, Bergrecht/ BIMSCHG, ROFGApproved testing agency for pipelines

Benefit from our expertise to secure your pipeline

  • Observance of high safety Standards
  • Reduction of operational interruptions
  • Increase of acceptance within the population
  • Improvement of economic efficiency
  • Reduction of downtime costs and repair costsIncrease in environmental compatibility