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Getting to the indivisible point

We have been checking the safety of welding systems for more than one hundred years. Analysing and certifying processes and products – in accordance with valid guidelines and regulations. Our specialists support you in manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment all the way through to training your specialist staff. For as long as people have been trying to weld together materials of all kinds, welding and soldering work has been quite literally a hot topic over the millennia. 

People have been soldering and welding for 5,000 years

In the beginning there was light. Then came fire and hydrogen. Around 3,200 B.C., the Sumerians first succeeded in soldering together gold, silver and copper. It took just under five thousand years before metallic materials could be "inseparably" welded together. After calcium carbide and the acetylene developed from this replaced the previously standard hydrogen as the fuel gas, welding entered a truly hot period at the end of the 19th Century: The German engineer and company founder, Carl von Linde, succeeded in generating pure oxygen from air for the first time; at the same time, the first hydrogen "welding torch" for iron and steel was launched. Combining both and using high temperatures made it possible to use welding technology in industry. 

TÜV NORD supports you in all in matters relating to welding technology

Whether spot, autogenous, plasma or laser welding - we have been monitoring the safe function of welding systems in production and the operation of lifts, pressure equipment, pipelines, steel constructions and crane systems ever since. We accompany the entire manufacturing process for welded constructions from the initial sketch all the way through to mechanical fracturing analyses. TÜV NORD will support you in process analyses, process and personnel qualifications and supply product certifications.

Our customers include:

  • Manufacturers and operators of welded components and constructions
  • Engineering companies
  • Manufacturers of welding additives
  • Suppliers of welding additives and welding tools and accessories
  • Deburring and cutting companies
  • Training facilities for welding personnel
  • Personnel service Providers

You can also use our services internationally, the required documents can be found on our new Welding Technology customer Website. We also offer seminars and training courses; qualifications and test certificates are electronically stored in check card format.


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