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TÜV NORD vehicle appraisals: In the event of accident, sales and special cases

Schaden- und Wertgutachten Schaden- und Wertgutachten Schaden- und Wertgutachten Schaden- und Wertgutachten

TÜV NORD helps in all cases in which you require fast and neutral assessment of vehicles: At a centre near you.

As varied as the reasons for an assessment may be: fast action is almost always required. The excellent regional availability of the TÜV NORD Stations is therefore a great reason to turn to one of our employees: We guarantee fast processing with the accustomed TÜV quality. A TÜV NORD assessment offers a sound basis when purchasing or selling, for legal questions and for special requirements such as forensic examinations and lock and key assessments. You will receive the complete assessment quickly by e-mail, fax or directly to your door.

Our services in detail:

  • Damage assessments in the event of liability damage and insurance claims (cars, lorries, buses and taxis)
  • Evidence assessments/court assessments of all kinds
  • Return assessments for leasing vehicles (cars, lorries, buses and taxis), vehicle evaluations (cars, lorries, buses and taxis)
  • Transport damage assessments

Further special assessments drafted by us:

  • Accident analyses
  • Technical appraisals
  • Fire examinations
  • Forensic appraisals
  • General liability damage
  • Plausibility inspections
  • Micro-evidence inspections
  • Unit appraisals
  • Lock and key appraisals
  • Technical consultation and information, also accompanying constructions
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