TÜV NORD Used Car Check

140 tough exam questions – without any excuses

The high school for used vehicles: Before we recommend purchasing a vehicle, the vehicle should be tested in tough places.

Your advantages: The quality of your used vehicles increases, as well as the number of satisfied customers.

You do not buy a cat in a bag: The quality seal of TÜV NORD Mobility is only for vehicles of perfect technical condition. Through the objective evaluation by experienced experts, you win when buying a car that is absolutely safe: 140 test questions in 9 categories of vehicles to get a comprehensive decision report. The full report is also available for your future buyers as a secure selling point: Possible defects are recognized, a description of the overall condition, and accidental damages and hidden signs of use are disclosed.

The test areas

Interior, exhaust system, steering and braking system, underbody, engine and transmission, wheels and axles, chassis: The trained eyes of our experts do not miss anything – in the final test drive, inconsistencies are finalized. We also document the proper detection of maintenance services and regular vehicle inspection.

All services in detail

  • Objective, neutral evaluation when taking in vehicles
  • Visibility, efficiency and functional testing of modules with written and photographic documentation
  • Objective description of signs of wear and check for accident damage
  • Explanation of vehicle assessment to the customer
  • Digital delivery of reports and documents on a data platform in TÜV NORD Extranet
  • Control of used car procedure (i.e. 1 year lifetime)

Smart Repair: Little effort – great effect

The repair procedures for minor damages are eliminating the conventional methods of repair that are often preferred. Without having to lose quality, plastics, including their surface structure, push out smaller dents in the sheet or quirks in the paint – making the paint almost invisible. This repair type has the technical name “Smart Repair.” But beware: Depending on the type of damage, the present materials and the quality of work of the company, this repair may not be right for your damages. We give you a recommendation on an individual basis: This will save unnecessary costs.

Your benefits at a glance

Solve in-house conflict of interest between a used car purchasing, and used car sales and service. You can also improve your negotiating position when talking with customers through our neutral documentation of the vehicle state. At the same time, improve the marketing of your used car and provide a better relationship based on costs and benefits. 

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