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We offer to you, consultation concerning exhaust gas emissions of vehicles and motorbikes

The challenge to the manufacturers to build vehicles and motorbikes with lower emissions will remain so in future. Innovative technologies and emission treatment will be required to improve the drive train and the engines. Different development strategies are required at the point of manufacture, these are already in the testing phase.

We would like to offer you our support during your development work using different measurements and analysis. We tend consultation to manufacturers who are carrying out ongoing development of existing vehicle types. TÜV NORD offers you years of experience and supports you reaching your goals.

Through our participation in industry consortiums, research projects and our presence on panels and working groups you can achieve a significant know-how advantage via a partnership with our experts. Furthermore, we are directly involved in the further development of regulations. You can greatly profit from our lead in this specific area of knowledge.

We supply you with measurements of exhaust gas emissions and provide you with the appropriate consultation for you development work.

Helge Schmidt (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions of Passenger Cars and Motorcycles)

TÜV NORD services for you

  • Consultation concerning further development of reduced exhaust gas emission concepts
  • Many years of experience with the measurement of exhaust gas emissions in the laboratory and with portable emission measurement systems (PEMS)
  • Involvement in committees and working groups working towards the future of emission measurement

Consultation concerning Drive train and Emissions of Passenger Cars and Motorcycles

Department of Drive train / Emissions

Special field emissions passenger car and motorbike

+49 201 825-4123

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