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At the forefront of mobile emission measurement

Today, the automobile manufacturers can obtain realistic emission measurement data using portable emissions measurement systems. The PEMS-measurement systems are used to collate these data. PMES stands for Portable Emission Measurement System. As opposed to the measurements on chassis dynamometers under laboratory conditions, PEMS collects and analyses the emissions while travelling on public roads. TÜV NORD has accumulated years of experience in the field of mobile emission testing. In 2004 we performed first measurements on commercial vehicles, since 2010 we performed various projects with mobile emission measurements on passenger cars.

The European Union has recognised the potential of PEMS measurements, and today’s type approval legislation has been revised. The emissions shall be complemented with additionally measured, realistic PEMS-Data. The EU develops a second drive cycle, called Real Driving Emissions, abbreviated RDE. From 2017, the RDE shall officially become part of the type approval test.

Besides the measurement of the exhaust gas emissions (NOx, NO, NO2, CO, HC, particulates etc.) in operation we can offer you information concerning fuel consumption or CO2-emissions. In combination with the data acquisition and analysis, it is possible to give a comprehensive statement about the application. Separate torque measurements via strain gauges and GPS-based data enable us to give very specific statements.

Further information about our PEMS –measurements can be found under:  

Test the gaseous emissions of your vehicles in real traffic.

Helge Schmidt (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions of Passenger Cars and Motorcycles)

Services for you

  • Field research into emission behaviour of vehicles
  • Measurement of exhaust emissions (NOx, NO, NO2, CO, HC, PM etc.) in real operation
  • Statements covering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Individually designed research, meeting customer’s requirements
  • Consultation during development and for new technologies
  • Fast and flexible measurements at any location

Portable Emission-Measurements with PEMS for Passenger Cars

Department of Drive train / Emissions

Special field emissions passenger car and motorbike

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