Testing and Technical Reports for Wheel Strength

Good grip on the road – Tests and technical reports for your products

Wheels are technical products with high demands on functionality and on manufacturing quality. To design the wheels for sufficient strength, the different loads with their resulting stresses on the wheel-body must be known.

The influences on the loads and stresses within the wheel and with that the influences on the strength of the wheels which can be specified are assessed and tested by us. Basis for our tests are the national and international legal requirements and the manufacturer’s demands. Tested wheels are classified as sufficiently dimensioned, when they withstand the loads and reach the intended life span under test conditions. High manufacturing quality assures that all produced wheels have the same high production quality.

We test and assess your wheels on different test stands for a god product- and manufactur-quality.

Stefan Schöffler (Head of Department wheels, tires, chassis and tuning)

Overview of our Services

  • Tyre test passenger cars / commercial vehicles according to legal requirements
  • Proof of operational strength by two-axial wheel test (ZWARP) and AK-LH 08 collective
  • Quasi-static and dynamic preimpairment
  • Stress test by radial impact
  • Tyre test rig
  •  Performance of high speed- and load-tests according to ECE 30 and ECE 54
  • Sampling, sample manufacture, material test (tensile test, hardness test)
  • Determine the ‘Wöhler’ curve for the prove of strength
  • Impact tests according to ISO 7141
  • Fatigue tests-beds
  • Calibration of test beds
  • CoP of wheels for vehicle manufacturers in connection with their product liability
  • Electronic measuring equipment for mobile use
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