Type approvals and CoP for passenger cars

Type approvals and Conformity of Production (COP)

The TÜV NORD Mobilität is precisely the right partner for you regarding type approval and Conformity of Production. Every holder of a type approval has to establish and use defined test procedures to control his product quality. These test procedures have to be applied and recorded within regular time spans. These tests are responsible for the conformity of the products with the granted approval. On request of the approval authorities, you have to make the test results available to the authorities.

We would like to support you with you conformity of production monitoring.

Ralf Schöffski (group leader Type Approval Passenger Cars and light Commercial Vehicles)

Our services

  • Planning of the required tests
  • Editing and documentation of test results 
  • Testing and inspection and documentation in regular time intervals
  • Support with these duties
  • Clarification of questions regarding the approval process
  • Consultation and bench marking
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