Type Approval and CoP for Commercial vehicles

Type approvals and Conformity of Production (CoP)

Quality is paramount in manufacturing. Conformity of production ensures a constant high quality. The type approval process legally requires CoP inspections. The manufacturer of an approved vehicle type is legally bound to develop and introduce a CoP-procedure.

The CoP procedure shall ensure that any produced vehicle, system and component and any manufactured separate technical unit is in compliance with the approved type. The Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik und Mobilität is precisely the right partner for all aspects of the Conformity of Production (CoP). We compose a timed monitoring plan, furthermore we test and document the test results for you. If deviations are detected, we instruct you on how to assure the required quality.

I offer you homologation management during all steps of the approval procedure, from initial assessment to the granting of the approval.

Thomas Ameling (group leader type approvals Special Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles)

Our services for you:

  • Planning the required tests
  • Analyse and document test results
  • Testing and recording in regular intervals
  • Support with the test performance
  • Explanation of questions in connection with the approval process
  • Consultation and bench marking

Type Approval and CoP for Commercial vehicles

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