Loading Instructions for the correct Safety of Loads

Consulting service and assessment of forwarders and fleet

Loading instructions are very useful for certain recurring transports. The loading instructions describe concrete measures of how to optimally secure cargo at certain transports.

For all members of staff, the loading instructions are a compulsory in-plant directive, which they have to observe. In addition to the corresponding training, it is recommended to issue loading instructions and other advice to explain the in-plant procedures relevant to safety of loads to the relevant people, for example in the form of a driver’s handbook. This is a useful instrument for the company/management to prove that they fulfilled their responsibilities concerning occupational safety and traffic legislation.

Loading instructions can save your products from damage and avoid problems during loading and transport.

Achim Peter (Group Leader Load Securing)

Determination of the strength of load units according to VDI-R 3968

Before cargo can be secured on a vehicle and before the safety of loads can be proven in test, the suitability of the cargo for transport must be assessed. Our experts support you in this task. Our tilting table can be used to assess and document the tip- and form stability of cargo. With the results of these tests, you will receive certificates which – in connection with static and/or dynamic test according to EN 12642 – enables us to develop easy to understand loading instructions.

We offer consulting services to hauliers and vehicle fleet managers regarding questions of safety of loads and we can issue loading instructions to loaders.

TÜV NORD Load Securing - Loading Instructions