Locomotive Drivers

Examination of railwaymen in accordance with the Locomotive Driving Licence Ordinance

Railwaymen in general and locomotive drivers in particular have to perform important and responsible jobs. The work of the locomotive driver also involves considerable physical and mental strains. A locomotive driving licence can therefore only be granted, among other things, if the candidate is suitable in terms of physical health and mental state.

The Locomotive Driving Licence Ordinance (TfV), which came into force in 2011, specifies medical and psychological requirements for locomotive drivers and also explains the conditions bodies or individuals who perform the corresponding examinations must fulfil.

Recognised Examination Body

Only bodies or physicians and psychologists explicitly recognised by the German Federal Railway Office (EBA) and entered in the corresponding register of the EBA may perform these examinations.

TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG is a recognised body under § 7 d par. 1 No. 3 of the German General Railways Act (AEG) in combination with § 16 par. 4 of the Locomotive Driving Licence Ordinance (TfV) .

For many years we have been partners of railway companies and educational institutes for locomotive drivers.

We would be happy to conduct the relevant medical and/or psychological examinations of the locomotive drivers for your company efficiently and expertly. With more than 50 examination centres in Germany we are represented almost everywhere. The centres are centrally located (mostly close to a railway station) and easy to reach.

Contact us to arrange an appointment at short notice! You can also contact any examination body or Dr. Ralf Buchstaller at rbuchstaller@tuev-nord.de