1. Traffic
    2. Rail
    3. Coaching
    4. Control-command and signalling (CCS)

Training in train control systems such as ETCS and LZB / PZB

This seminar will give you a basic understanding of the relevant European and German train control systems and their interaction, as well as familiarity with safety aspects and safety -related tasks and activities.

Companies are required to ensure that people familiar with the systems have a sufficient level of competence and qualifications.

  • Know why train control has been developed, and what is it for.
  • Know what the legal situation is with respect to the individual systems.
  • Know the principles of the systems.
  • Know how the relevant documentation and its contents are structured and become familiar with the content.
  • Know how the architecture of the systems is structured and gain an insight into the features and components of the System.

Who is this training aimed at?

  • Driver instructors
  • Railway managers
  • Personnel participating in the operation of the service
  • Service engineers 

Closed events in your company (in-house training) are also possible. Please contact us.


The number of participants is limited - secure your place early

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