Welcome to our download area, where you will find important documents and descriptions of our certification-related services.

For ease of identification, these are assigned to different subject groups (e.g. quality management, product certification, sustainability etc.).

Higher level documents which relate to all our services – for example our complaints procedure, remote audit procedures, invalid certificates etc. can be found in the General Information section. 

Service Descriptions and Conditions for Certification

Sustainability and Climate Protection

CDM CPA Inclusion Service Description
CDM PoA Validation Service Description
CDM PoA Verification Service Description
CDM PoA+CPA Renewal of Crediting Period Service Description
CDM Post Registration Changes Service Description
CDM Renewal of Crediting Period Service Description
CDM Validation Service Description
CDM Verification Service Description
Climate Bonds Service Description
Energy Audits / DIN EN 16247-1 Service Description
Forest Management and Chain of Custody Certification Schemes General Conditions
FSC Service Description
Green Button Service Description
GS PoA Validation Service Description
GS PoA Verification Service Description
GS PoA VPA Renewal of Crediting Period Service Description
GS Post Registration Changes Service Description
GS Renewal of Crediting Period Service Description
GS Validation Service Description
GS Verification Service Description
GS VPA Inclusion Service Description
ISCC EU, DE and REDcert EU, DE General Conditions
ISCC EU, DE and REDcert EU, DE Service Description
ISCC PLUS and REDcert2 General Conditions
ISCC PLUS and REDcert2 Service Description
ISO 14064-3, TN-CC 020 Test Marks and Certificates General Conditions
ISO 14064-3, TN-CC 020 Service Description
LBMA Service Description
LCA Service Description
PEFC COC Service Description
Second Party Opinion for a Bond Framework Service Description
Social Sustainability Bond Assurance Service Description
TN-H2-001 Service Description
UER Validation Service Description
UER Verification Service Description
VCS Grouped Project Validation Service Description
VCS Project Instance Validation Service Description
VCS Renewal of Crediting Period Service Description
VCS Validation of Deviations Service Description
VCS Validation Service Description
VCS Verification Service Description
VCS+CCB Validation Service Description
VCS+CCB Verification Service Description
Verification of Sustainability Reports Service Description

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