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Information, data and knowledge play an integral role in many work processes and products and so have a vital influence on profitability. This means that more and more decisionmakers are engaging actively with all aspects of information technology. The essential thing is to provide the highest level of data confidentiality, integrity and availability and to demonstrate this both internally and to the outside world.

TÜV NORD CERT supports organizations in achieving these objectives, through neutral and objective inspection of current processes and review of actions to be planned and implemented. So companies are not only on the safe side when it comes to information technology, their customers are too. With the help of our certificates, firms can talk about controlled security – and can clearly demonstrate its implementation. An aspect which is particularly important when it comes to operational and business confidentiality (including for customers).

Certification overview

ISO 27001
The cross-sector standard for certified information security management systems.
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Information security management for operators of critical infrastructures.
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For evidence of Information Security in the automotive Industry.
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IT Security Catalogue (Federal Network Agency - BNetzA)
Information security management system for gas and electricity network Operators.
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ISO 20000-1
Certification for organisations who offer IT service management.
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ISO 22301 (BCMS)
Business Continuity Management System - Maintaining business operations even in crisis situations.
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