ISO 20000-1

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How to demonstrate quality

As an integrative component in many work processes and products, information technology has a decisive influence on the economic viability of organisations of all kinds – one important reason why ever more of those who carry responsibility are actively considering the subject. Many services and production processes are increasingly based on IT-supported supply chains.

In the end, the defined characteristics of IT products, equipment and services decide their economic value. So it is vital to provide the highest level of reliability, functionality and security and also to be able to demonstrate it to the outside world.


How to guarantee high-quality service

A certificate according to ISO 20000-1 demonstrates that your organisation is able to plan IT processes and to implement and improve them whilst fulfilling minimum international standards. The standard covers the requirements which are placed on a Service Management System (SMS) and in particular also a professional IT Service Management System (ITSM) and applies for all organisations which offer IT Service Management services. By fulfilling the requirements of ISO 20000-1, organisations guarantee the quality of the services they offer and by means of objective evidence of certification can communicate to the outside world that they can provide reliable and cost-efficient performance. The focus is naturally on the wishes and needs of the customer. A management system established within the framework of ISO 20000-1 means that you can offer targeted and cost-optimised service. You secure competitive advantages over the long term and strengthen your performance and competitiveness on the market.

The IT Infrastructure Library provides good preparation for certification according to ISO 20000-1. It consists of a collection of predefined processes, functions and roles in relation to the IT infrastructures of organisations. These serve as recommendations for best practice which can form a basis for internet service providers who wish to offer a high-quality service. Standard ISO 20000 has been agreed with the ITIL.

TÜV NORD CERT supports organisations in defining the necessary characteristics and in the development of concepts which enable these characteristics to be achieved. This means that not only companies are on the safe side when it comes to information technology, their customers are also. For based on our certificates, organisations can say that they provide quality at the highest level - and can demonstrate it beyond doubt. An aspect which becomes particularly important when it comes to production downtimes, product defects and damage claims. The specific services offered by TÜV NORD CERT in the IT area are auditing and certification of the processes of an IT organisation.


Benefits of certification according to ISO 20000-1

Apply for certification according to ISO 20000-1 and gain these benefits:

  • Effective and efficient design of IT processes
  • Evidence of capability to provide customer-specific IT services (Service Level Agreements)
  • Continual improvement of IT services through tried and tested processes and methods
  • Prevention of defects, errors and failures
  • More efficient use of resources and increase in productivity in the core business
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer trust
  • Increase in transparency within the Organisation


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