Certified Service Centre to ISO 18295

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Perfect customer communication with ISO 18295

If you want to offer advice, clarify complex questions or manage complaints, you have to listen to customers and understand their concerns. For many organisations, good customer service centres are a valuable instrument within professional customer dialogue. They ensure that incoming customer enquiries are answered well so that good relationships can be developed and further improved.

Call centres face the challenge of responding adequately to the concerns of their clients’ customers and helping to fulfil the promises made to them. The service provided by the call centre or customer contact centre plays a decisive role in good customer dialogue, and therefore has to fulfil strict requirements. This is where certification to ISO 18295 by TÜV NORD comes in.

ISO 18295 is an international standard. As the successor to DIN EN 15838, it specifies requirements for customer contact centres themselves (ISO 18295-1) and also for organisations using the services of customer contact centres (ISO 18295-2).

With certification according to this standard, both service centres and their corporate clients demonstrate that they are can offer a consistent and sustainable level of excellent customer satisfaction.  

What are the benefits of certification according to ISO 18295?

  • Systematic improvement of the quality of customer contact
  • Competitive advantage through promotion of close customer loyalty
  • Cost efficiency based on better processes and optimised understanding of the meaning of service
  • Improvements in the mutual support network of employees, as the understanding and appreciation of the contribution of staff to customer service and its results increase
  • Evidence that the service provision and the management of the internal or external service centre fulfils the given quality standards

The most important features of ISO 18295-1 and ISO 18295-2

ISO 18295-1
  • Contains service requirements for in-house and outsourced customer contact centres of all sizes.
  • The requirements apply for all sectors and interaction channels, both inbound and outbound.
  • Relevant themes are the protection of customers, including their data, the competence and satisfaction of the centre staff and also their commitment.
  • The standard offers a proactive approach to consistently fulfilling the needs of both the corporate clients and their customers who use the centre.
  • Quality indicators are defined for communication of information, for customer interaction and for handling of complaints.
  • Certification is available individually or in combination with ISO 18295-2 and ISO 9001.
ISO 18295-2
  • Certification is only available in association with a service centre which complies with ISO 18295-1.
  • Contains requirements for corporate clients who mandate customer contact services to an internal or external customer contact centre.
  • Ensures that customer expectations based on ISO 18295-1 are consistently fulfilled.
  • Certain aspects of the products and services within the area of responsibility of the corporate client are defined and systematically implemented.

ISO 18295 Certification with TÜV NORD

Call centres and their corporate clients who want to promote effective and specific customer dialogue can have their service centres certified to ISO 18295 by independent and expert auditors from TÜV NORD. The certification also includes annual surveillance audits to ensure maintenance of the required standards. As an internationally recognised and reliable partner for testing and certification services, we guarantee to provide the best-possible support along with objective feedback.

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