Certified service centre to DIN EN ISO 18295

Customer contact centres – Guaranteeing a high level of service quality

Companies who wish to impress their customers have to listen to them carefully, offer serious interaction and understand any issues raised. Whenever advice is offered to prospective customers, complex questions have to be clarified, or complaints managed – customer contact centres guarantee professional dialogue. The centres ensure that incoming requests are successfully resolved in a way that intensifies the customer relationship and develops it further. In this process, customer contact centres are the link between the performance of a company and the requests and concerns of its customers. They have a decisive function which was recognised by the European Commission, leading to publication of the first European Standard for customer-focused contact centres in the form of DIN EN 15838:2010. This was replaced by the new DIN EN ISO 18295-1 and DIN EN ISO 18295-2 standards at the end of 2017.

Adding value through certification to DIN EN ISO 18295

With certification according to this international standard, service centres and their clients signal that they provide a high level of customer satisfaction based on a systematic and sustainable approach and that they are willing to undergo annual checks by independent auditors from TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

The standard is voluntary, but the certification offers many benefits, such as

• improved quality of customer contact
• competitive edge, as personal attachment on the part of the customer is encouraged
• cost efficiency, thanks to better processes and optimised understanding of the service – also maintaining quality and effectiveness
• higher levels of staff loyalty, as the individual gains a better understanding and appreciation of their contribution to customer service and overall results


DIN EN ISO 18295-1

  • provides proof of conformity for the cross-project or project-specific management system of the customer contact centre  
  • includes service requirements for both internal company customer contact centres and outsourced centres operated by third parties – of all sizes, in all sectors and with all communication channels, including inbound and outboundtomer contact centre
  • offers support with regard to service provision and service centre client and final customer requirements to ensure that these are fulfilled or exceeded on a continuous and proactive basis
  • defines quality criteria for communicating information, customer interaction and complaint management. These help to protect customers and their data and enhance employee satisfaction / commitment and the competence of agents
  • largely corresponds to DIN EN 15838
  • certification can be obtained separately or in combination with DIN EN ISO 18295-2 and ISO 9001

DIN EN ISO 18295-2

  • provides proof of conformity for the client’s project-specific management system and the provision of services by an internally and/or externally operated service centre according to DIN EN ISO 18295-1
  • contains requirements for clients who use the services of internally and/or externally operated customer contact centres
  • ensures continuous fulfilment of customer expectations by means of provision and management of appropriate agreements with customer contact centres which meet the requirements of ISO 18295-1  
  • defines certain aspects of the products and services for which the client himself is responsible. These include determining a customer experience policy, customer approach and contact policy and also setting the terms and conditions under which the service is to be provided and the general operating procedures
  • certification to DIN EN ISO 18295-2 can only be obtained in connection with a service centre certified to DIN EN ISO 18295-1

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