ISO 29993 - Audited education service

ISO 29993

The certification service ISO 29993 serves internally to ensure an internationally recognized quality standard. In addition, it can optimize internal school processes and thus increase the efficiency of the entire service. It provides support in the planning, implementation and evaluation of existing and new services, thereby establishing a uniform standard.
Proof of quality in the competitive environment
The standard communicates to the outside world a neutral, renowned proof of quality in the competitive environment. This quality promise is not only aimed at potential customers, but also convinces partner companies and the entire competitive environment. The companies thus receive proof that the educational services are planned, carried out and evaluated according to defined criteria and can, for example, use the test seal in their course information.

What is the benefit of ISO 29993

The certification is a sensible supplement to ISO 21001/ DIN EN ISO 9001 as system certification and for personal certification. It represents the link between these two possibilities. A customer would thus have the possibility of obtaining proof of the effectiveness of his management system - through ISO 21001/DIN EN ISO 9001 - as well as proof that the concrete process of the educational service corresponds to the standard of ISO 29993. In this way, he could additionally highlight one or more further training courses by means of personal certification.

Advantages of certification:

  • offers a worldwide recognized proof of quality
  • supports the positive customer decision for a training and further education institution
  • is a qualitative core argument to stand out from the competition

Prerequisite for certification

To issue the certificate, auditors from TÜV NORD CERT GmbH check the relevant requirements of ISO 29993. Requirements:

  • Concept -information
  • Type of implementation
  • Evaluation of further education and training courses  

ISO 29993 certification with TÜV NORD

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