ISO 37001 Certification

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Your ISO 37001 certification for the fight against corruption

The sensitivity to corruption and bribery in politics, administration and economic activities is increasing steadily, so it is all the more important for organizations to position themselves well in global anti-corruption activities.

ISO 37001 offers an anti-corruption management system (ACMS), recognising corruption wherever it occurs and actively working against it.

With certification according to ISO 37001, companies actively contribute to this and visibly focus on the central compliance issue, placing the spotlight on this vital aspect of compliance.


Benefits of ISO 37001 certification

  • Increased trust on the part of business partners
  • Confirmation of integrity, transparency and openness
  • Reduction of risks in relation to bribery
  • Positive image
  • International benchmarking and comparability
  • Competitive advantage for tenders
  • Evidence for public prosecution authorities

Audit procedure for ISO 37001 certification

Using ISO 37001 within your existing system

ISO 37001 is characterised above all by its flexibility: it can be used regardless of the sector, type and size of your organization and, based on the High Level Structure, can be easily integrated into an existing management system, for example ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.

FAQs on ISO 37001

What is the content of ISO 37001?

This internationally recognised standard contains the requirements for development, implementation and maintenance and improvement of an anti-corruption management system.

The measures address global anti-corruption guidelines and fulfil legal requirements. The standard is concerned with both bribery by the organization itself and its personnel or business partners, and corruption … in other words, acceptance of bribes.  

As ISO 37001 follows a risk-based approach, the risks of corruption have to be analysed and assessed regularly. The aim of the standard, among other things, is to establish a culture of integrity, transparency and openness.

Which organizations can make best use of ISO 37001 certification?

Certification according to ISO 37001 is suitable for all organizations, regardless of size, sector or type.

What are the requirements of ISO 37001?
  • Introduction of an anti-corruption policy
  • Development of measures for prevention, recognition and battling corruption
  • Supervision by a Compliance Manager
  • Training of personnel on the theme of corruption
  • Control and management of finances
  • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
  • Due Diligence for certain transactions, projects, activities, business partners and personnel


Certification with TÜV NORD CERT

We certify your organization against the requirements of ISO 37001. Our audits are performed by approved auditors who have the required qualifications and who can guide you smoothly and competently through the certification process. We will be very happy to draw up an individual offer for you.

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