EMC Laboratory Cologne

Our EMC test laboratory in Cologne

We specialize in testing electrical and electronic equipment in the areas of radio, EMC and electrical safety. We advise you on which regulations and standards apply to your device and take over the complete processing of the services you require. This way, you ensure legally compliant market access. Worldwide, we support you in the testing and international certification of devices that use radio modules or radio services. This includes, for example, applications with RFID, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN or radar applications of the frequencies 24 GHz and 77 GHz. In terms of measurement technology, we cover the range up to 300 GHz. But of course we also test electronic devices without radio modules in the areas of EMC and electrical safety. Our test laboratory is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Equipment of our EMC laboratory in Cologne

Unshielded laboratory area

  • approx. 23 m² area for device safety tests
  • approx. 30 m² area for radio tests (measurements under extreme conditions)
  • approx. 20 m² area for EMC tests
  • Approx. 400 m² area for preliminary tests, comparative tests, etc.

Absorber hall

  • Interference emission measurement up to 3 m measuring distance in the frequency range up to 325 GHz
  • EMC immunity test (radiated) in the frequency range 80 MHz - 6 GHz up to 10 V/m
  • Available space : Length: 8,550 m; Width: 5,550 m; Height: 5,325 m
  • Maximum test volume: Φ 2.00 m * 2.00m 
  • Hall door: 1.20 m * 2.30 m
  • Floor load capacity (incl. turntable): 1,000 kg

Our testing services at a glance

Tests under the RED

Radar systems (e.g. road traffic and traffic telematics 24 GHz and 76/77 GHz)

Wireless telecommunications

Short Range Devices:

  • Radio modules for data transmission
  • Wireless microphones
  • Loudspeakers and other wideband audio and video applications
  • Transponder systems and RFIDs
  • Surveillance systems, alarm and emergency systems
  • Alarms, identification systems, radio determination, telecommunications, telemetry, etc.
  • Inductive applications
  • Detection, motion and alarm applications, etc.
  • Smart Metering Wireless Access
  • Wireless charging

Broadband transmission system

PMR, PAMR and trunked radio

CB and amateur radios

EMC test

Radiated emissions

Emissions on cables

Immunity to radiated fields

  • HF irradiation
  • Immunity to conducted disturbances
  • Burst pulses and surge pulses
  • HF currents
  • Test pulses for automotive electronics

Simulation of voltage fluctuations and short-term grid interruptions

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

  • Air discharge up to 30kV
  • Contact discharge up to 25kV

Power quality

  • Harmonic analysis, flicker, grid failure simulation

Electrical safety tests

EN 62368-1, for example, is the risk-based safety standard applicable to radio modules, telecommunications and IT electronics. This standard defines, i. a., the following tests:

  • Measurement of the protective conductor resistance
  • Measurement of leakage current and touch current
  • High voltage tests
  • Temperature tests
  • Performance measurements for mechanical strength
  • Checking the operating instructions
  • Verification of label data

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