Failure rates of valves

IEC 61508 - Determining failure rates/residual error probabilities

In order to minimize the operational risks of safety-related equipment and machinery, the industry requires manufacturers, suppliers and developers of safety-related system components to provide information regarding residual error probabilities. These probabilistic parameters form one of the bases for the determination of the safety integrity level (SIL) of the entire "safety loop". TÜV NORD CERT calculates the residual error probabilities for flap valves, control valves and ball valves as well as other safety-related components and publishes the results in the form of a test report.

Safety and reliability of your products

The test report from TÜV NORD CERT serves as recognized proof for manufacturers to demonstrate the reliability of their products. This allows them to meet customer requirements and open up a better position for themselves on the market. On top of that, the suggestions for improvements by experienced, independent experts often lead to an increase in product quality.

In order to perform the calculation, TÜV NORD CERT needs the relevant product documentation, including specifications as well as assembly and component drawings of the components in question. Please contact our Service Center under the above mentioned contact details. They can schedule a conversation with our technical experts.