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    2. Nuclear
    3. Commissioning (TQC)

Commissioning requires finalization of all construction & erection activities and a detailed planning of the commissioning stage. TÜV NORD Nuclear provides all services relevant for accompanying commissioning which can be split in these two subjects:

Safety Assessment for Commissioning

TÜV NORD Nuclear provides all services required from the safety perspective in the commissioning stage. The scope of these services is adapted to the processes and issues relevant for this stage of the life cycle.

In product realization of a plant, commissioning is the link between construction/erection and operation. From the regulatory perspective, the prerequisite for commissioning a nuclear facility is a respective license – the license to commission – being granted. Such license requires submission and safety assessment of a Safety Case which defines the procedural and technical framework to be followed during the commissioning stage.

Safety assessment of the Safety Case for a license to commission is typically a pre-license activity.

Reviews and Inspections / Activities in Commissioning

TÜV NORD Nuclear provides all services throughout commissioning nuclear facilities. These services are adapted to the processes to be followed in commissioning.

  • Commissioning instructions
  • Supervision and inspections
  • Evaluation of the commissioning results
  • Commissioning and TQC

Reviews and inspections during commissioning are typically post-license activities.

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