Radioactive waste

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Safe disposal of radioactive waste – an ongoing challenge

Radioactive waste

Radioactive waste from nuclear plants, industry, research and medicine must be appropriately conditioned for safe interim and permanent storage and comply with specific, well-established acceptance criteria.

TÜV NORD Nuclear inspects and evaluates the properties and inventories of radioactive waste. The radioactive nuclide inventory, the chemical and physical properties of the raw waste and the designated radioactive waste packaging are all taken into consideration in this task. The measures to be taken for ensuring the necessary technical safety, including radiation protection, are also evaluated during the above activities.

Furthermore, the TÜV NORD Nuclear experts assess the waste treatment methods, determine their suitability for processing the existing and future raw waste and evaluate the inspection measures during processing, either as planned or as performed. Waste processing is outlined in specific documents.

TÜV NORD Nuclear experts review the documentation for waste packages, which have to meet the acceptance criteria for safe interim and final waste storage. The range of the TÜV NORD Nuclear services in the field of radioactive waste conditioning includes the following issues:

Our services
  • Handling and conditioning of radioactive residues and waste
  • Properties of radioactive residues and waste
  • Interim and final storage of radioactive waste
  • Radioactive waste documentation