Materials Technology

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Optimal materials for production and operation

Materials Technology

Crucial to the usability and quality of a product is the quality of the materials used. In industry, as in daily life.

For example, a car wash: Which brushes and wash components have the longest life span? We examine and evaluate the materials provided.

As happens so often, high-quality materials are decisive to the operational safety and productivity of a company.

Our experts have the experience of countless materials and systems tests. They can show that the right choice of material not only makes a small difference.

Our Services

  • We test, assess, and certify materials and semi-finished materials (plates, tubes, forgings, cast iron/steel and other metals).
  • We evaluate and certify manufacturing and processing methods as well as producers, processors, and distributors in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (RL97/23/EG), AD 2000 Technical Bulletin W0 and welding consumables; construction products in accordance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the regional building code (LBO); based on the "factory production control" - short FPC including CE marking and declaraton of performance in accordance with CPR.
  • We assess plastics and coatings.
  • We qualify personnel, procedures, and manufacturers.
  • We perform materials acceptance according to DIN EN 10204.
  • We supervise the production, including inspection, material damage studies in semi-finished products and materials (construction products in accordance with CPR and LBO).
  • We perform material technical evaluations in accordance with the pressure equipment directive (such as the European materials approval EAM or individual opinions), AD 2000 bulletins, VdTÜV material specifications, or customer specifications; We assess materials, manufacturing, and processing specifications.
  • We are accredited and notiefied body according to Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Materials acceptance procedures and materials appraisal

Materials of all types are in practice almost always great strain. This can have fatal consequences. Corrosion. Wear and fatigue make the material porous; welds and joints leak. Damage assessments are often more expensive than the timely review of product and manufacturing. In addition to manufacturing, we conduct tests of manufacturing processes and products in all material areas.