Safety of Loads for Oversized and High Load Transports

Exemption Details § 70 for Oversized and High Load Transports

As the streets are generally designed for foreseeable use by vehicles, high load and special cargo transports must be specially treated. Oversized and high load transports are generally longer, higher and/or wider and heavier than conventional vehicles. They have to be approved in a single vehicle combination approval and they have to be issued with an exemption allowance, in Germany according to § 70 chapter StVZO.

We inspect your oversized and high load transports according to the exemption requirements and the load securing for road transport.

Achim Peter (Group Leader Load Securing)

Consulting and assessment for Oversized and High Load Transports

We assess your vehicle/vehicle combination according to the technical requirements and the exemptions of their design. We explain to you, which legal requirements must be fulfilled in order for the exemptions from the vehicle regulations to be granted.

The technical report by an officially accredited vehicle expert of TÜV-NORD confirms that the requirements for the exemptions are met and the safety of loads measures are sufficient. The authority responsible for road approval will then issue the requirements for the street use.

Should an inspection of the safety of loads be part of the requirements, we can also perform this inspection for you.

TÜV NORD Load Securing for Oversized and High Load Transports