Advice when buying Real Estates

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Strong arguments to support your decision

You have decided to buy a building, a house or a flat and you've finally found the right property? Before you go any further you should find out about the potential risks so that the investment you're planning will pay off in the end. TÜV NORD can help you to evaluate used real properties – whether of a private or commercial nature. Use the know-how of our building experts and get them to assess the condition of the property you've got your eye on. We will evaluate for you the structural soundness of buildings to help you decide whether to buy or not, or to provide a basis for the security of further planning and financing. If you want to make a correct estimate of and minimise risks involved in buying property an independent expert appraisal is an absolute must.

Check first – then buy

Arguments for or against the purchase of a used property must always be weighed up objectively and evaluated impartially.

On the one hand, not every supposed item of damage will actually involve expensive repairs. On the other, advice from independent specialists will minimise the risk of unforeseen costs which may not be immediately evident to a layman.

When conducting a real estate consultation the first thing we do is to examine the freely accessible and visible parts of the property.

Taking as a reference different damage symptoms, typical cases of building damage are detected and possible consequences explained.

If there is reason to doubt the description of the property's condition, further investigations are recommended. A discussion will make clear what building parts will need refurbishment in the medium term or should be renewed for energy reasons.