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Recognising risks - preventing damage

Building Check

Following a few spectacular, but also tragic, recent events, maintaining a high level of safety within halls and buildings has become an important objective. To identify risks and to avoid consequential damage and to evaluate existing damage, TÜV NORD Bauqualität GmbH & Co. KG offers the owners and operators of halls and buildings construction appraisals for relevant components within the context of a two-stage safety concept.

Safety Concept

Stage 1, the basic module forms the basis for assessing a hall or a building and all other stages. It contains the following services:

  • The one-time, on-site inspection of all freely accessible areas of a hall or building conducted by one of our company experts
  • The preparation of a general state description as well as documentation of obvious recognisable defects of structural components and their assessment according to safety-related factors, including photographic documentation
  • The specifications of recommendations for action concerning additional measures

This basic module is completed according to the Guideline for Monitoring Traffic Safety of Federal Construction Facilities issued by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban affairs, date March 2006, and the notes for inspecting the constructional stability of structural facilities by the owner/authorised party issued by the conference of building ministers of the states, date September 2006.

Based on the first stage, we offer a more elaborate inspection during the second phase if necessary. This second stage, the additional module, is based on the results of the basic module and can include various services, such as:

  • The inspection of the static planning documentation to be submitted for comparing the static planning documentation with the current structural conditions (target-performance comparison), for identifying any additional load transfers (e.g. mobile phone, solar power, air-conditioning systems)
  • Thorough inspection of major components of the load-bearing structure based on the results of the basic module and the results of the inspection of the planning documentation
  • Documentation of all indentified damages and object discrepancies in an inspection report with a conclusive assessment of the building's condition as well as information on specific recommendations for action

Why a building check?

The prior assessments conducted to determine the operational safety of buildings demonstrate a high proportion of safety-related deficiencies with the halls and buildings. In the past, the necessary maintenance work on structural facilities has frequently been omitted due to cost pressure and a shortage of expert personnel. In addition, the volatile nature of specific damage was underestimated. This results in high risks for building safety that not only can damage the object itself but can also pose a risk involving bodily and life-threatening injuries.

The advantages of a building check include discovering risks early on and generally remedying them quickly and easily. Your advantages in detail:

  • You obtain certainty on the actual state of your building
  • You receive resilient results
  • You obtain useful recommendations for Action
  • You reduce your liability risk

You can count on our objectivity concerning building safety. With TÜV NORD Bauqualität GmbH & Co. KG, you have a competent and capable partner on your side who provides you with support and assistance in solving technical problems.