Building Damage Assessment

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Building structure

Building Damage Assessment

Suddenly the building structure changes:

  • the facade turns green
  • light-coloured coatings appear on the facade's clinkers
  • the plaster crumbles
  • cracks appear in the ceilings and walls
  • mould forms in the bedroom
  • the basement is moist
  • brown discolourations are visible on the balcony undersides

This list goes on indefinitely, raising practically the same questions for owners each time:

  • Are these deficiencies a threat to the building materials and users?
  • What causes these deficiencies?
  • How can such deficiencies be avoided in future?
  • What would renovation cost?

Competent Consultants help to identify structural damages

The reasons for structural damage are diverse; experienced and competent consultants familiar with the physical processes occurring within structures and the physical properties of the involved building materials are needed to determine the causes of such damage. The respective assessor should know the various technical possibilities and weigh their advantages against each other in order to propose the ideal remediation measures for the specific renovation problem while considering the cost-benefit aspect.

Our engineers and architects have the necessary expertise and experience to analyse and assess your problem and show you some possible solutions. Operating on an interdisciplinary basis inside the TÜV NORD GROUP and with external service providers, we can ascertain the cause of nearly any technical problem and develop ideal solutions to rectify it.

As part of quality assurance during construction, our consultants inspect a variety of construction sites on a daily basis and are therefore fully familiar with the construction techniques and procedures employed over there. We know the defects that are caused by the pressure of costs and time as well as the insufficient knowledge of the companies performing and planning the activities. Therefore, we can quickly and precisely determine the cause behind structural damage.