Quality Assurance during Construction

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Improved safety

Quality Assurance during Construction

To ensure that building defects can be identified when they occur and can be alleviated quickly and without extending construction deadlines, we offer builders, developers, construction companies and planning offices our quality control during construction services.

Depending on the type of building – whether a family house with or without a basement, an industrial building, a block of flats or a commercial building – we define the construction progress dates at which our engineers appear on the building site.

During the construction phase, we inspect the visible construction progress and document the determined defects in a written report.

The onsite construction management receives this report within a short period of time, normally on the same day.

The construction management is hence able to react immediately, there are no delays and the construction schedule is adhered to.  

Why quality control during construction?

In its building damage reports, the Federal Government repeatedly points out the increasing number of building defects and the resulting remediation costs. Due to time and cost pressure and the lack of expert personnel at the building sites, construction is increasingly sub-standard. Remedying the defect once it has become apparent is usually extremely costly and time-intensive. Often, perfectly built parts of the building frequently have to be demolished as well. This creates high additional costs, which could have been avoided generally without any additional cost, without delays, quickly and simply had the defect been identified early on.

Advantages for the builder

The builder...

  • can be sure that work which often leads to defects is carried out correctly and professionally
  • has a competent and independent partner providing consultation and explaining the correlations between the building procedures
  • is more confident when dealing with the trades and the building processes, which allows the builder to be objective on the building site and to remain positive
  • sustainably secures his investment and avoids additional remediation costs resulting from defects
  • acquires real value added in the form of a TÜV-NORD quality certificate at the time of selling the property

Advantages for the developer

The developer...

  • increases the quality of his Service
  • has satisfied customers who will recommend further customers without costly advertising
  • documents his commitment to quality vis-a-vis potential customers
  • reduces his warranty risk
  • has an additional control over the services of sub-contractors
  • has a partner who not only identifies the defects, but can also propose and evaluate solutions with their know-how
  • has an independent partner who can settle arguments with the builder and sub-contractors and hence avoid protracted disputes