BRCGS Packaging Zertifizierung

BRCGS Packaging: the standard for packaging materials

The BRCGS Packaging Standard for packaging and packaging materials for the quality assurance of packaging materials was developed by the BRC as a standard of the BRC Global Standards series. BRC stands for Brand, Reputation and Compliance. The standard was formerly called BRC Packaging Standard and was renamed BRCGS Packaging in 2020. Certification to BRCGS Packaging is relevant for you if your company produces packaging and packaging materials that are used in the food industry and for retail. 

Certification is a prerequisite for market access with many brand owners, retailers, food service companies and manufacturers, not only in the Anglo-American region. The standard sets safety, quality and operational criteria for packaging manufacturers. The aim is to ensure compliance with laws and consumer protection. Companies' production facilities, operating systems and processes must be audited by an accredited and approved certification body, such as TÜV NORD CERT, in order to obtain the certificate.

BRC Packaging Zertifikat BRC Packaging Zertifikat BRC Packaging Zertifikat BRC Packaging Zertifikat

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Advantages of a BRCGS Packaging Certificate for your company:

  • Internationally recognised standard according to GFSI standards
  • Standardisation of the safety requirements of food processors
  • Safety as part of your risk management
  • Listing in public BRC Global Standard database
  • Use of the logo for marketing purposes
  • Early defect detection enables appropriate corrective action
  • Uniform standard for packaging simplifies your quality and risk management
  • Choice of audit options (announced & unannounced audit programmes)
  • Participation in training, education and technical support through BRCGS

Process to obtain the BRCGS Packaging Certificate

Ablauf BRC Packaging Zertifizierung Ablauf BRC Packaging Zertifizierung Ablauf BRC Packaging Zertifizierung Ablauf BRC Packaging Zertifizierung

FAQs on the BRCGS Packaging Certificate

For whom is the BRCGS Packaging standard?

The standard specifies the requirements for the production of packaging and packaging materials for food and non-food applications. It is addressed to:

  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials
  • Operators of upstream processes (e.g. printers)
  • Suppliers of packaging materials from stock
  • Manufacturers of consumer goods that produce for single use (e.g. disposable drinking cups, aluminium foil)
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of other materials that are not or partially converted, used or co-processed (e.g. coatings and adhesives), if this is based on a risk analysis and all parties involved have agreed on the application.

The standard is not intended for packaging/materials that are not processed or handled at the audited site. Nor for activities related to wholesale, import, distribution or storage that are outside the direct control of the company.

What are the objectives of the BRCGS Packaging Standard?

The following objectives are associated with the introduction of the BRCGS Packaging standard - formerly BRC Packaging:

  • Conduct an accredited audit by external certification bodies to provide a credible, independent assessment of a company's product safety and quality system.
  • Assurance of quality, legal compliance and product safety
  • Compliance with legal requirements for packaging manufacturers and suppliers, packaging and filling companies
  • Ensure product safety throughout the supply chain
  • Continuous improvement, waste reduction and performance

How is the hygienic risk rated for companies that fall under the BRCGS Packaging Standard?

The BRCGS Packaging Standard provides for two different hygiene risk classifications:

  • highest risk classification: direct contact of the packaging with fod
  • lowest risk classification: no direct contact of the packaging with food

What is GFSI?

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a private organisation established under Belgian law in May 2000 by the international trade association, the Consumer Goods Forum. The GFSI maintains a system for benchmarking food safety standards for manufacturers and quality assurance standards for farms. Under the umbrella of the GFSI, eight major retailers (Carrefour, Tesco, ICA, Metro, Migros, Ahold, Wal-Mart and Delhaize) agreed in June 2007 on a common acceptance of food safety programmes assessed by the GFSI. For more information, see

Welche Produktgruppen unterscheidet der BRCGS Packaging?

Die Verpackungsindustrie ist in Produktgruppen unterteilt. Um für Sie den inhaltlich wertvollsten Auditservice zu bieten, müssen auch unsere Auditorinnen und Auditoren nach diesen Produktgruppen qualifiziert und registriert sein. Die entsprechenden Sektoren sind:

  • Glasherstellung und -formung
  • Papierherstellung und Umwandlung
  • Metallumformung
  • Formung von Hartkunststoff
  • Herstellung flexibler Kunststoffe
  • Sonstige Herstellung
  • Druckverfahren
  • Chemische Verfahren

BRCGS Packaging Certification by TÜV NORD: that is how you benefit from us

We accompany you reliably and independently: Our team of experts accompanies you from the very beginning of your certification process. Our many years of experience in the field of certification and the knowledge of a worldwide network of interdisciplinary experts are at your side throughout the entire audit. In this way, we ensure that your audit process remains efficient and clear.

With TÜV NORD CERT as your certification body, you benefit from the worldwide recognition of the TÜV brand. We stand for objectivity, neutrality and competence.

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