Customer satisfaction as a success factor

Customer satisfaction is very high up on the list of business success factors, as only a customer-focused strategy can ensure the long-term success of an organisation. Satisfied customers will be loyal and will recommend services and products to others. But what is it in particular that customers like about your service? And where would they like to see improvements? TÜV NORD CERT Certified Customer Satisfaction provides the answer to this and many other questions.

Our Certified Customer Satisfaction scheme can be applied across all business sectors to all types of organisations (both service providers and manufacturing companies). The certification covers services rendered and is particularly suitable for service departments (e.g. customer service).

Certification elements

The four-hour audit on site focuses on complaint management. Customers who want to express their dissatisfaction with your organisation should have an effective complaint management process with clearly defined responsibilities and contacts at their disposal. Complaint management is a tool that helps you and your company retain customers and learn about their perspective on potential improvements. The second part of the audit is a customer survey. If your company already conducts such a survey, it can be integrated into the certification provided it is not older than 12 months and was carried out by an independent third party. If no current customer survey is available, TÜV NORD CERT can conduct it on your behalf in the form of an online, phone or postal survey.

The benefit to you

Our customer survey will provide meaningful results in several areas, such as your customers’ willingness to recommend your company and to use your services again themselves. We also provide an action matrix which will help you to derive specific fields of action from your customers’ responses along with the priority they should be given, enabling you to deploy your resources where customers need them most and to avoid waste. Annual repetition of the customer survey will allow comparison with previous years and also help to identify trends with regard to customer expectations and satisfaction. Questions about current company-specific issues, which are adapted to your company’s individual situation, can also be included in the survey. The audit on site will help our auditors discover any blind spots and specific potentials for improvement – using their wide-ranging experience, our auditors will open up new perspectives and approaches for you.


  • Joint preparation:
    We will send you the catalogue of criteria which forms the basis of the certification and then we will develop a time schedule for the certification project together with you. We will make sure that the same contact person supports you at all stages of the process.
  • Audit phase:
    Certified customer satisfaction is evaluated by means of process-oriented document reviews, a customer survey and a four-hour audit at your premises. The document reviews can be integrated into the on-site audit, which follows a top-down approach – meaning that customer satisfaction and complaint management are analysed at different levels of the hierarchy and from different angles. The basis for the certification is the TÜV NORD CERT standard for Certified Customer Satisfaction).
  • Decision phase:
    Phase 3 consists of the drafting of the audit report, which contains the audit results (positive aspects and potentials for improvement) and the resulting decision as to whether the certification, the certificate itself and quality mark will be issued.
  • Annual audits:
    The certificate is valid for one year. Annual surveillance audits will be performed in order to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction and to develop it further.

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