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The population in general are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and its conservation – and energy, climate and the environment also play a central role for decisionmakers in the world of politics. This means that serious consideration of environmental and energy-related issues is not just a question of image for organizations from most sectors of industry and commerce. It is often also essential in order to obey the law.

For example, according to the German Energy Services Act (EDL-G), companies not officially designated as small or medium-sized enterprises are obliged to undergo an energy audit. This obligation exists regardless of whether the organization is a manufacturing company, a service provider or is part of the public sector. Our general certification services as well as inspections specific to the area of environmental and energy management systems are shown below.

Certification Overview

ISO 14001 / EMAS
Active improvement of environmental performance through a certified environmental management system.
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Certified Energy Management ISO 50001
Identifying energy saving potentials through a certified energy management System.
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Special Energy Equalisation Scheme/Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
Evidence of energy consumption for manufacturing companies.
Energy Services Act (EDL-G)
According to the Energy Efficiency Directive EMAS, energy audits or energy management systems are required.
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Peak Equalisation/SpaEV
Organisations may be eligible for the consumption peak equalisation scheme if they can provide evidence of an energy management system or EMAS Validation.
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Certifierat miljöledningssystem enligt ISO 14001
Ordinance for Specialised Waste Management Companies (EfbV)
Evidence of authorisation and competence for waste management facilities.
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End-of-life Vehicle Ordinance (AltfahrzeugV)
Inspection of recovery, re-use and recycling facilities for end-of-life vehicles.
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Blue Angel
Evidence of responsible use of valuable natural resources.
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