IFS Food Certification

IFS Food: Demonstrate food safety, save costs

Secure your position on the market and make a contribution to Food Safety. With certification to International Featured Standard Food (IFS Food) from TÜV NORD CERT, you show that you are able to meet the growing challenges in the food sector. IFS Food testifies to the gap-free quality and safety of your product and your processes. You reduce risks, save costs over the long term and gain access to major international retailers.  You strengthen trust in your company and improve your image with consumers.

IFS Food is an internationally-recognised standard within the International Featured Standards series. Its purpose is to assess the quality of food products and it is directed towards all manufacturing companies and suppliers who process, handle and package food. Our reliable and experienced auditors and experts have in-depth knowledge of the food sector and many years of assessment experience and will guide you through the entire process up to the certificate itself.   



IFS Food Zertifizierung IFS Food Zertifizierung IFS Food Zertifizierung IFS Food Zertifizierung

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Benefits of the IFS Food Certificate

  • Time and cost savings through effective use of resources
  • Increased efficiency through avoidance of production outages and the need for rectification and reprocessing
  • Requirements of the retail trade are fulfilled, enabling access as a supplier
  • The quality and safety of your products and processes are assessed and verified according to the international standard
  • The certification provides ongoing monitoring of adherence to food regulations
  • Less need for customer audits

IFS Food Certification Procedure

Process of IFS Food Certification Process of IFS Food Certification Process of IFS Food Certification Process of IFS Food Certification

FAQs about IFS Food

What are the requirements of the IFS Food Standard?

Our experienced and independent auditors guide you from the very first minute of the certification process. They assess whether your company fulfils the requirements of the IFS food standard. The requirements are divided into six chapters.

  • Senior management responsibility
  • Quality and food safety management system
  • Resource management
  • Planning and production process
  • Measurements, analysis, improvements
  • Food Defense

In the on-site audit, the type and significance of every deviation from these requirements is assessed with different grades. Requirements that are not met are considered as Knock Out (KO) or Major deviations. A Major can be assigned for all requirements that are not defined as KO, and leads to deduction of 15 per cent from the total possible number of points. Ten requirements are defined as KO requirements in the IFS standard. If the auditors establish during an audit that one of the KO requirements is not fulfilled, it is not possible to issue a certificate.


Who can benefit from IFS Food certification?

IFS Food is a standard for auditing suppliers of private label products and other food-related organisations and only applies to

  1. Food processing companies and
  2. Companies which package bulk food products.

IFS Food is only used if the product is processed or handled, or if there is a risk of product contamination during the primary packaging process.  

IFS Food can therefore not be used for import (offices, e.g. typical trade intermediaries) or for transportation, storage and distribution.   

Do unannounced IFS Food audits lead to greater safety?

In order to establish if companies also adhere to the standards of IFS Food in their everyday working life, we advise every certificate holder to undertake voluntary unannounced audits. The prerequisite is that the company is already certified to IFS Food. The unannounced audit takes place within a time window of four months, calculated from the beginning of the four-month period preceding the anniversary of the initial audit.

What is the purpose of IFS Food?

IFS Food was the first standard of the IFS certification series in the area of food, product and service. The objective is to ensure that certified companies manufacture a product which conforms to the customer requirements or provide a conformant service. Certified companies should also demonstrate continual improvement and work on optimisation of their processes. The IFS Standards and requirements are directed towards different members of the supply chain. They are valid internationally and are subject to a unified assessment system.

IFS is based on quality management standard EN ISO 9001. In addition, the standard contains the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to assure the quality of the production processes and environment, and also Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The IFS Food standard is the result of close cooperation with certification bodies, the wholesale and retail trade, the food industry and the catering sector. It is recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for auditing of food manufacturing facilities. The emphasis of IFS Food is on food safety and quality of processes and products. IFS Food is therefore an effective instrument for the reduction of product recalls, food fraud and reputational damage.

What is the procedure for the IFS audit?

For companies with several locations and central administration, the central administration is audited first. An audit is then carried out separately at each production site. The results of the audit of the central office are included in the audit report of the site, but a separate report and certificate are issued for each site.

IFS certification supports the work of the production and marketing departments in the areas of brand safety and quality. Numerous retailers and food producers require IFS certification as a prerequisite for delivery capability.

IFS-Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is represented internationally and enjoys worldwide recognition. Our auditors have in-depth industry knowledge and an interdisciplinary mindset. They must undergo an annual, intensive training programme to keep their qualifications up to date. We also offer you the option of combining certifications.

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