Events technology

Type examination of traverse systems, crowd barriers and raised platforms


Aluminium traverse systems, crowd barriers and raised platforms are often used in the area of events technology. In order that these products can fulfil their purpose without putting people and property at risk, the law stipulates that strict safety requirements must be met. This is where TÜV NORD CERT supports manufacturers, traders, hire companies, exhibit stand builders and event organisers with various different testing and inspection services.



Type examination


When aluminium traverse systems, crowd barriers and raised platforms are used, TÜV NORD CERT attests to their conformity with current regulations by means of a type examination. The examination is based on welding tests at the factory where the particular item is produced. The company and its employees have to present recognised welding suitability proofs for this purpose. For example, during concerts or festivals, mobile barrier systems of aluminium or steel are used to close off the orchestra pit during concerts or festivals, or to prevent development of excessive crowd sway. TÜV NORD CERT confirms the safety, reliability and stability of these crowd barriers through type examination.


Our test mark creates trust


Successful certification by TÜV NORD CERT not only provides proof that products comply with current regulations and that the factory is regularly inspected by an independent third party: the TÜV test mark also creates trust and therefore strengthens the market position of the manufacturer.