Management and maintenance systems

Entity in charge of maintenance

In accordance with EU Directive 2008/110/EC Article 14a, before going into operation, every vehicle must be assigned to an agency with responsibility for the maintenance. To guarantee railway safety and the interoperability of the railway system, these agencies are subject to strict regulations.

These are responsible of supervising, coordinating and maintaining the most important elements that belong to a maintenance management system:

  • the management system,
  • the maintenance development,
  • the fleet of rolling stock – maintenance management and
  • the delivery of maintenance services.

Proper supervision is only possible with a well-designed maintenance management system. Directive 2008/110/EC Article 14a (4) actually makes this mandatory for freight wagon keepers. This obligation will, in future, also be binding on locomotives, traction units and passenger coaches.

As a neutral and accredited company, TÜV NORD assists the competent agencies with the introduction of lawful maintenance management systems, thereby making a contribution to safe operating status of rolling stock in the European railway network.

Our services

Consulting in obtaining a certification in accordance with the ECM Regulation


  • Compilation of the normative requirements
  • Structuring the regulatory content
  • Support in the development of the necessary control mechanisms
  • Evaluation of the existing operational organisation regarding its safety effectiveness
  • Documentation development
  • Acting as a go-between and providing ramp-up Support

Our expertise

  • Independence and neutrality
  • Specialized expert with long-standing experience
  • Expert with ERA recognition
  • Expert with EBA [German Federal Railway Authority] recognition
  • Recognised expert for the state railway oversight agency of Lower Saxony (Landeseisenbahnaufsicht - LEA)
  • Accredited certification body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 (DAkkS)
  • Notified Body (NoBo)
  • Designated Body (DeBo) (Lux)
  • Interim DeBo (DE)
  • Partner to the state and municipal authorities (LEA, LfB, TAB)
  • Associate partner to the German Notified Body

The benefit to you

A certified detailed listing of our maintenance management system in accordance with the ECM Regulation

  • Functioning maintenance management systems are the basis for satisfied customers
  • Maintenance management systems facilitate the structured monitoring of individual functions
  • Service delivery follows clearly defined time-scales, and is directed towards ensuring the consulted projects remain economic and that the technical sequence remains manageable
  • External control ensures that burgeoning and vested interests are handled independently
  • Access to external resources in connection with the preparation of documentation
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